Listen: October London Releases New EP ‘Colorblind: Hate & Happiness’


Following his breakout 2016 EP Color Blind: Love, 21st century soul maven October London returns with the soon to be acclaimed follow-up, Colorblind: Hate & Happiness.

The cohesive 8-track EP showcases London’s silky vocals and timeless production, providing a nostalgic feel reminiscent to that of the originators of true rhythm and blues. Proceeded by the emotionally charged single “Driving Me To Drink,” which London also personally produced, the Indiana native channels seventies spirit, deliverig an honest and hard-hitting hook over bluesy electric guitars and shuddering keys.

Whether it’s the sharp funky swing of “Sail Away” or the Southern California cruising of “Top Down” feat. Snoop Dogg, Color Blind: Hate & Happiness sees London really take flight on his own, while paying homage to the likes of Marvin Gaye, The Debarge Brothers, Sam Cooke, and more.

Speaking about the project, London explains: “The idea of the EP stemmed from my love of old school music. Snoop and I were admiring the authenticity of the sound and passion. In that sense, it was a joint effort. I wanted to highlight the different moods that affected me most as a fan: Love, Hate, and Happiness. Old school music was my foundation, and I wanted to pay tribute to that and build on it. I want my fans to know that I care about how music used to be, but I also want to add to it in my own way. I don’t just do one genre; I realize most of my fans can appreciate more than one genre.”

Take a listen to the EP below!

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