News: Writer of Beyonce “If I Were A Boy” Files Suit


Columbia Records just released Beyonce Knowles two new singles, and there is already controversy. When “If I Were A Boy” was released last week I was informed of the singer songwriter who penned the song with hit-making producer Toby Gad. Her name is BC Jean, she is a 21 year old up and coming pop rock singer from San Diego, California. As reported by Roger Friedman of Fox News, Toby Gad was shopping Boy around behind BC’s back, while they had previously recorded an entire albums worth of material together and decided to more forward with Boy as her first single. Beyonce’s camp moved in hard, doing whatever it took to secure Beyonce publishing rights to the soon to be smash single. “I’m told, they recently came to terms with Beyonce, after enduring the kind of record biz terrors that would curl the hair of the guys from “Hit Men.” Now, “If I Were a Boy” is hitting big time. Part of the deal, my sources insist, is that the two singers will duet on BC Jean’s debut album once she gets her own recording deal. Right now, managers, publishers and A&R people from all over the industry are falling over themselves trying to sign BC Jean.”

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