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The words of hope and change that fueled Barack Obama‘s campaign for President and ultimately his victory in this month’s election have catalyzed a movement towards artistic growth and renewal in hip hop, and this newfound positivity has been in the foreground of much of the music being released as of late. In addition to the cavalcade of Obama-centric mixtapes and exclusive singles from a wide range of high-profile artists, we have heard talk of a musical Renaissance from veteran emcee Q-Tip, and now another of today’s biggest names, John Legend, has released a new LP with a title invoking the very process by which growth and change occur.

Legend’s third studio album, Evolver, finds the singer forging ahead into new musical territory, with a large and fervent fanbase following each and every footstep. Lead single “Green Light” fittingly demonstrated the singer’s drive to reach beyond the confines of his previous output, with its uptempo feel and Andre 3000 feature, while “If You’re Out There,” a cut that Legend debuted at the DNC earlier this year, tugged at listeners heartstrings with a stirring plea for change and progress.

In an exclusive interview with our very own DJZ,” John Legend steps into the DJ Booth to discuss the ways in which artists must evolve to succeed in today’s music industry, the perfect day that would follow his “Good Morning,” and the possibility of working with Kanye West on an entire album.

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