Beyonce Steals “Smash Into You” From Jon McLaughlin



Well, not exaclty. I wouldn’t argue that this isn’t common practice in the industry, and I wouldn’t exactly compare it to the BC Jean “If I Were A Boy” situation either. But just for information sake. The ballad “Smash Into You” from Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce album was originally recorded and performed by Jon McLaughlin. According to, “The song originally called ‘Smack Into You’ was written for Jon McLaughlins sophomore album Ok Now by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. Though, the song was later scrapped from the album, Jon did perform the song live on his summer/fall tour. Not letting an amazing song go to waste, it was presented to Beyonce and changed to ‘Smash Into You.’ Thats the part Beyonce must have ‘written’ in order to receive that coveted writing credit because the two versions are practically identical lyrically otherwise.” You can listen to the two versions below and decide for yourself….

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  1. ben 15 years ago

    How many other songs has she done this with that we dont know about???

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