Ryan Leslie Unreleased Movie Scene & In Studio Recording “Shouldn’t Have To Wait”


Here is an unreleased clip from a film Ryan Leslie filmed last fall but hasn’t released. Here is what he had to say about it,

One of my favorite songs from the album, “Shouldn’t Have To Wait” inspired a film project that we began shooting last fall. Here’s the last scene.

I never released the film – mostly because it was our first attempt and I felt it was very amateur. Regardless, I love the message in this scene: Don’t make your loved ones wait to see and hear how much you love them. Call or visit them now! I wrote this after losing someone close to me. I’d trade the song for the person any day.

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  1. sandra 15 years ago

    baaaaaaam soo greaaaaaat is it to diamond girl movie??
    les raaaawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thhhhhx

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