Emerging Artist/Music: Nicoya – Superman



Here is a brand new artist/record for you to check out. Her name is Nicoya, and her record is titled, “Superman”. She is a singer/songwriter from Texas. I’m trying to find out some more info, and label/production situation. Check it out, what do you think?

Nicoya – Superman

  1. DJ BIG BOY CHILL 15 years ago

    I got the song this week, & now I can’t find the contact I got it from, hit me up, I can give it some spins in my mixshow on the radio, maybe even more, just get at me.

  2. Wexx 15 years ago

    Do you need the record again? The link still works.

  3. GO DJ HOLLYGROVE 15 years ago

    The song is HOT!!! I have played it in my slow mix and females really love it!!! I see ya Nicoya!!! The next R&B female outta Htown

  4. The Lady Stallion 15 years ago

    I believe that Nicoya is an independent artist, you can follow her on her Twitter Page @nicoyamusic …. I really like Superman and I am looking forward to hearing more great music from her.

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