Rodney Darkchild Jerkins Talks About Janet Jackson’s New Album


It’s funny, ’cause when we just started the project, she was like, ‘I wanna do 10 dance records, all up-tempo to dance. Let’s just go dance,’ ” Jerkins said. The sound is inspired by worldwide influences, from African rhythms to Brazilian and Latin music, and RJ said we can expect features on this album like a Pitbull track that was recorded last week.

“But she hits me today and she says we need to do some mid-tempos as well,” Rodney continued. “And I’m glad for that because there’s a time when you listen to a record that you wanna mellow out and she always gives us those great smoothed-out mellow records. So now that she’s in that zone, it’s like ‘Yes!’ ’cause we can focus on that. But I’m still gonna keep the beats hard underneath ’cause she’s still a dancer at heart.”

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