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Kelis is gearing up for a comeback. Here is a brand new record/single from her. It is titled, “Acapella”, produced by David Guetta. It is very much a dance record, of course with Guetta on the boards. Although it’s kind of a mellow song, a good starter or ending record for a DJ set. Check it out, what do you think of Kelis’s comeback attempt? Follow the jump to see a special message Kelis wrote to her fans about her comeback.

Download Link: Kelis – Acapella [New Single]

(Prod. by David Guetta)

Well, walking through the streets of NY this summer…I use the term walking loosely…I was extremely pregnant and probably doing more of a very slow creep down each humid sticky block…people had so much to say to me. You know us New Yorkers don’t ever keep anything to ourselves…I was asked if I would ever put another album out. I suppose people assumed after the baby and divorce and all the time I took off (went to culinary school during my break which was amazing and another conversation) that it would be on to motherhood for me. And well that’s true…as I lay here with my perfect little won ton now writing you all this message. My answer was always the same. “Soon come guys” ;) and so here we are. My album is pretty much done. I signed a new deal and I’m madly in love with life and ready to share something with you. My song is called “Acapella” and I wrote it with love and life in mind. I hope that it finds you well and that you love it, cause honestly I do! Muah!

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