Jason Derulo Album Cover & Official Tracklist



Here is the official album artwork, and tracklisting for Jason Derulo’s self-titled debut album. The set is slated to hit stores worldwide March 2nd.


01. Whatcha Say
02. Ridin Solo
03. In My Head
04. The Sky’s The Limit
05. What If
06. Love Hangover
07. Encore
08. Fallen
09. Blind
10. Queen of Hearts [iTunes Only]

*All Songs Produced by JR Rotem

  1. harriet 11 years ago


  2. ashleyy 11 years ago

    ahmazingg :D i fooking loove him<33

  3. Fred 11 years ago

    Are you sure this is the correct tracklist? Amazon.com says the following about the tracklist:

    1. Whatcha Say
    2. Ridin’ Solo
    3. In My Head
    4. The Sky’s The Limit
    5. What If
    6. Love Hangover
    7. Encore
    8. Fallen
    9. Blind

    Can you maybe post the duration of each song behind it?

    Thanks a lot! :D

  4. Wexx 11 years ago

    Well, it might have changed, since I was given this early. Only 9 tracks seems short for it to be considered an LP. We will have to wait and see.

  5. Tyler 11 years ago

    thanks 4 the tracklist and i think fred is right.
    his tracklist is the right one (;

    J.A.S.O.N. D.E.R.L.U.O. I.S. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    btw the song ridin ‘solo is amazing i love the song:)

  6. Tyler 11 years ago

    * sorry…. DERULO not derluo:D

  7. Fred 11 years ago

    Yeah it does seem short but hey, Maxwell also only had 9 tracks on his album ;) Untill then, wait wait wait… :P

  8. JARV 11 years ago

    Sorry but ‘Revolution’ & ‘Imma Be Gone’ should be on this album they are amazing. Why change ‘Shes fly me away’ To queen of hearts??? the original is 100 times better!!!!

  9. Anonymous 11 years ago

    where is HUSH ?

  10. Ben Davies 11 years ago

    I have found LOADS! of Jason’s tracks and their all amazing….but none of them are on this tracklist! has anyone else heard these:

    – broken record
    – dancer
    – co-star
    – cyber love
    – diva
    – electrifine
    – hit me with a text
    – outta this world
    – part time lover
    – teacher

    And i have a lot of others too….

  11. kirsty 11 years ago

    omg. where is skys the limit hush fairytale & algerbra?!

  12. tom 11 years ago

    i have like 80 jason songs

    he has so many its a shame more arent on the album

  13. sophia halligan 11 years ago

    hi my name is sophie as you all ready now me and my other friend think you are so hot when you sing in my head and when you have that blue hoody you look so sweeti just want to give you aa big kiss i used to like n dubz but now it has been changed to you and do you now why iv choosed you because i just will love to kiss your sweet loving face

  14. simran notay 11 years ago

    sup its me sim i totaly love your track in my head i wish you would come live in leeds that would be so sick my fraind is totaly obssessed with u she thinks ur fit i guess you are a bit

  15. Anonymous 11 years ago

    every single song is a cracker .. guy is a legend just downloaded over 50 off his songs, didn’t no he had made so many, he’s the next big thing =D

  16. konvict7 11 years ago

    This dudes the new s*** of music hands down respect people !

  17. faisal 11 years ago

    Try insomnia :D and Jason ur the best :D

  18. ab 11 years ago

    hes amazing :)

  19. sexii 11 years ago

    one sexy mofo

  20. chanel 11 years ago

    Yummmmy Boy <3

  21. beth 11 years ago

    PENG!!:O :P x

  22. George 11 years ago

    Great to hear the brilliance

  23. Anonymous Guy 11 years ago

    Great singer :) hope he writes more

  24. YOYOYO 11 years ago

    Omg, how come there are only 9 tracks on the album?
    Like some of the others said, there are PLENTY of jason tracks .. does anyone know if he made another album before “Jason Derulo”? Cause there are so many songs !!!
    Like, for example “Sleep Walking” and “We Could Make Love” are some of the best he haaas! Love them! so how come they’re not on the cd???

    – Nadia (:

  25. YOYOYO 11 years ago

    great song!!!! Does anybody know some Jason songs, they can recommend? Cause I have alot, but as I can see, some of u have like 80 or something!!! I have max. 20 O__o
    so pleaaaaaaaaase recommend some! :D :D

  26. angelique 11 years ago

    To YOYOYO: Tonight is a good song by jason derulo(A)

  27. JASON DEADAM 11 years ago


  28. YOYOYO 11 years ago

    To angelique:
    Thank you! :D I know the song! and ur right, it’s real gooooooooood

  29. Zehrrrrraaaa 11 years ago

    OMG i lovee him! guys jason recorded 300 songs! soo if u look i guess youu can find all of themmm :)

  30. Anonymous 11 years ago

    riding solo and sky is the limit are great songs

  31. bree 11 years ago

    i love jason derulo

  32. stafford 11 years ago

    he is brilliant

  33. dannalee :) 11 years ago

    hey lovein it :)

  34. jamie wray 11 years ago

    his album is fuckin ace :D

  35. Andy 11 years ago

    What’s the name of this album?

  36. Wexx 11 years ago

    it is self titled

  37. jeff 11 years ago

    awsome singer and dancer

  38. Katie 11 years ago

    Lovee him :) going to
    his concert Cant wait:D

  39. Anonymous 11 years ago


  40. Anonymous 11 years ago

    ridin solo and in my head are his best songs

    jason derulo rules

  41. luis 11 years ago

    jason derulo is the best in the whole world

  42. YOYOYO 11 years ago

    I’ve finally ordered the album! <3 loooove (: Can't wait to get it!

    J A S O N <3

  43. pimp 11 years ago

    best album ever

  44. mandy 11 years ago

    i love jason

  45. Jason Derulo 11 years ago

    Hey Guys, At the moment im am Making a new Album Will be out in July! its Called Shagged You Nan

  46. veronica 11 years ago

    hi guys i just want to say jason is my idle i totaly love him. his songs are realy great and he seems to have a good personality. wich is good so he probly wount go and do something dumb like everyone else. would love to go to one of his concerts. i love you jason

  47. Chelsseaaaaaaaa 11 years ago


  48. Jason Derulo 11 years ago

    Hey guys,thanks for you’re comments, im sorry about the comment from some other guy saying that i was realesing an album called Shagged you nan,im sorry if i have offended him some how! Peace out for now guys,thanks for you’re support! (:

  49. Jason Durulo 11 years ago

    I willl be releasing a new album called forever love in mid-november 2010. The album will feature ten tracks.

  50. Nicolaa 11 years ago

    is he doing a UK tour if so come to SCOTLAND!! :)

  51. I love Jason 11 years ago

    I love Jason Derulo Soooo much, he is really fit and I love his music

    I’m putting on my shades to cover up my eyes :] Getting his album real sooon.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mwah x

  52. I love Jason 11 years ago

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Just been to ASDA and bought JAson Derulo’s album, I love him sooooooo much, he is AMAZING, soooo fit. xxxxxx Mwah x

  53. cassandra 11 years ago

    i love jason derulo

  54. SammiieLittle 11 years ago

    Jasonnn Deruloo How Gorgeous Mann :P

  55. emmak 11 years ago

    going to his concert in november wooooo

  56. Jason Derulo 11 years ago

    Hey Guys. Thanks for the comments.

  57. i (L) jason derulo 11 years ago

    I L O V E J A S O N D E R U L O <3
    amm obsesttt reallii <3
    omgggg yourr songss ann youuuu !!
    you amaziingg iloveyouuuuuu <3 <33
    love yourr numberr oneee fann !!!! <33

  58. Anonymous 11 years ago

    Yepp Jason Derulo well fitt getting album this week sometime !Omd! Ilove him <3 x

  59. Breanne 11 years ago

    Heey. i Love Jason Derulo soo much. I have ordered this CD Though school. I cant wait to get it.

  60. Amanda 11 years ago

    Hi, Jason Derulo i love you and you songs, this is very hot and cool. Amanda!

  61. Ridin solo 11 years ago

    ur a ledge

  62. I 11 years ago

    Jason Derulo, you’re absolutley amaaaazing, I love you and your music so much!!
    I saw you at the Summer Time Ball and you were soooo good. xxx

  63. binng1 11 years ago

    wow jason is amazing
    love his songs
    getting the album on my ipod soon

  64. JasonFan ;P 11 years ago

    Jason DeruLo ist the best! I Love hee.<3
    I Love Love Love You Now and Forever, baby (:

  65. Anonymous 11 years ago

    jason i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  66. JasonDerulo.Lovah.Ox 11 years ago

    ILoveYouuu! .. ♥

  67. Anonymous 11 years ago

    i lik his song

  68. jessee game 11 years ago

    ridin solo is my favorite song(: thanks for creating it. keep it up.
    i like your pump up song i listen to them before my hockey games to get hyped up.

  69. Rory 11 years ago

    This guy rocks, that’s all I gotta say.

  70. Jason derulo FTW! 11 years ago

    omg he is so good! :D
    what if (8) favorite song (: music video is immense! <3

  71. emily hall 11 years ago

    i lov jason derole so much i have all of his songs

  72. Anonymous 11 years ago

    i loveeeeee jason derulo and da songg wat if and ridin solo xxxxxx :*

  73. sophieeee 11 years ago


  74. Charlottiexx;) 11 years ago

    Ahaaaa Loveit!1xx<3<3

  75. Amanda 11 years ago

    i loveee jason deruloo<3
    watcha say, in my head, and what if are thee best songs..i LOVEE him! :D

  76. Jason DeRulo 11 years ago

    Thanks for all your support you guys ;)

  77. chrli 11 years ago

    jason derulo ur songs rock i luv ‘ridin solo’ and ‘what if’ they r the best ever!!!!!!

  78. Anonymous 11 years ago


  79. kaydean 11 years ago

    omg i love all ur songs, yuh are the best i love yuh.xx

  80. kaydean 11 years ago

    i love yuh jason derulo.xx

  81. Some ramdom 11 years ago

    Nigger U suck balls and penis

  82. MP 9012 11 years ago

    ur awsome

  83. gabi 11 years ago

    whats the album name for ‘we could make love’?

  84. °RasTa° 11 years ago

    Ridin Solo is GREAT!

  85. Hi :) 11 years ago


  86. charlotte 11 years ago

    jason derulo you r sooo goood, i love you!!!

  87. pazzzz 11 years ago

    omg yur so hot

  88. tiina 11 years ago

    queen of hearts ist sooo toll :)
    kommen erinnerungen hoch *_*

  89. Murphy 11 years ago

    You are amzing!!!
    I was by your concert in berlin
    you was great and the best of all
    ILY !!

  90. Anonymous 11 years ago

    hes the best i ove you

  91. sangay 11 years ago

    i love (love langover).gr8 jason

  92. matt porter 11 years ago

    ur gay

  93. Anonymous 11 years ago

    ridin solo rules!

  94. Randomeiseer 11 years ago

    Theress alsoo strobe light

  95. i love youuuuu jason derulo 11 years ago

    OMG Jason derulo you are the BEST EVER!!!!!
    your songs are the best. your dancing is awsome!!!!
    you are sooooo sexy your body WOOOW!!!
    so so so so hot i just love so much jason!!!
    il ove you. i love you. i love you. i love you sooo damn much!!!!
    im like your BIGEST fann
    im crying riight now lol

  96. i love jason derulo 11 years ago

    i love you lol so much

  97. ILOVEJASONDERULO 10 years ago

    im your biggest fan jason derulo!!! LOVE YOU SO MUUUCH. <3333

  98. :).. 10 years ago

    Hi jason! im a good fan of yours and i love your songs! keep making hot songs! p.s. i think your a handsome man!

  99. tim ernst 10 years ago

    Hi jason i am your biggest fan in the world :-) :-)

  100. tim ernst 10 years ago

    you are the best singer in this world

  101. tim ernst 10 years ago

    you are the best singer in this world I like only your musik phone me pleas 0228/923647274

  102. hazz 10 years ago

    i think that jason derulo is the shittest singer ever and is gay cus his dick is show like he wants pedos to follow

    and he likes perves following him

    fukin shit!!!!!!!!


  103. Anonymous 10 years ago

    fukin shit

  104. iyaa 10 years ago


  105. smiley 10 years ago

    hi love your songz if i do ever get to meet you ill just say hi!
    … and maybe faint but i wont get crazy over you caz your just a
    person im from belize!!! come visit and say my name on one of your concerts this ill know you really did remember one of your fanz
    like i alwayz say in creole

    nuh trip ah gat wah huge luv fuh yuhr sangz

  106. smiley 10 years ago

    love yah!!!!!!!

  107. dunker 10 years ago

    He is a great singer he is just new to the game cut him some slack

  108. Maxx 10 years ago

    I love the music jason, thank you, its been with me through thick and thin, good and bad. for every situation i had, you had a song for it. love it!!!!

  109. sophie 10 years ago

    leave him alone you dont know him he dont know you i love him

  110. danny wilko 10 years ago

    i fukin love u jason and u are the best RnB singer goin
    i’ve seen u 9 times now live and u never get old i will be there to see you more and more good on ya jason

  111. paige 10 years ago

    All thos people that think Jason Derulo is a crap singer so wrong love Jason Derulo love his songs!!!!!!!<3xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  112. Gibboo 10 years ago

    Well.. I Love Your Songs .

  113. LOD 10 years ago

    Belter Singer and Performer Fuck All You Assholes That Hate Him ! Jealous Fuckers !

  114. Daniela 9 years ago

    I have your songs i love them all. Jason nice page ist cool.

    Bye bye

  115. Daniela c says 9 years ago

    I have your songs i love them all. Jason nice page ist cool.

    Bye bye

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