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Here is a new artist for you to check out. Her name is Maysa, and she is a Jazz/R&B singer. Her new album, A Woman In Love is currently on iTunes, and debuted #1 on the Jazz charts. Check out her new single, “Spend Some Time,” below. There will be a video released for it soon, so stay tuned. What do you think of her record?

Link: Maysa – Spend Some Time

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  1. Gary B.- Atlanta, GA 13 years ago

    First, let me correct you….Maysa is not a “new” artist…she has been singing and recording for over 20 years, and this is not her “debut” CD, but this is her 8th Solo CD project. She is also one of the lead singers for the Band “Incognito” , and she has been the lead singer on many of their CD’s and most of their hit songs….you can go to her web site at, or wikipedia to get her full bio…..OK…now onto this CD….Her latest CD ” A Woman In Love” is an amazing CD !!!There are very few singers out there that you can instantly identify their voice as soon as you hear them singing, and Maysa is one of those artists. Her smooth and silky deeply textured tone is just pure music ecstasy, and over the years she has shown how diverse her talents are, and this latest CD could be her best solo project yet. The CD is a mix of Maysa’s own interpretation of several classic jazz standards, and also several original jazz/R&B tunes including a duet with Will Downing. First, the standards that she selected for this project are perfectly suited for her voice. Standouts for me are ” What are you doing the rest of your life” which was originally done by Barbara Streisand, yet Maysa’s version of this classic tune just gives me the chills….just beautiful. Also the Nat King Cole hit “When I Fall in Love” just blew me away…I wish the song was longer. The other jazz standards she tackles include “Round Midnight”, “I Put a Spell on You”, “Willow Weep for me”, and the Michael Jackson song ” The Lady in my Life”. All of these songs sound really nice. Now onto the original tracks, my faves would have to be “Love Theory” , which is a really nice upbeat duet with Will Downing, and also ” Spend some time” , which is a very funky Upbeat R&B tune. The Title Track ” A Women in Love” is kind of a sultry spoken word tune with Maysa doing some spoken word of a nice funky groove…very cool track. “Honey Bee” is a very trippy and smooth jazzy groove that has a great vibe to it . The First track ” Am I Wrong for Loving You” is a nice upbeat latin flavored jazzy tune, and features Maysa doing her signature scatting during the song. This CD will have wide appeal, since it really crosses several genres, and it really shows just how big of a talent Maysa is. If you love “Real ” singers and don’t want to hear any auto tune or other gimics and just want to hear some beautiful music then you need to get this CD. AFter winning a Soul Train Music Award this year, Maysa’s next award should be a Grammy or at least a nomination…This CD should help her finally get that Grammy nomination that she has earned for consistently being one of the best Female jazz/Soul artists around…..Go Maysa !!!!!!!

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