Usher – Raymond Vs Raymond [Tracklist & Credits]



Here is the official tracklist for Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond. As I said before we posted the working list, this is quite similar though. Check it out and stay tuned.


01. Monstar (Prod. by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
02. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) (Prod. by The Runners)
03. There Goes My Baby (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
04. Lil’ Freak feat. Nicki Minaj (Prod. by Polow Da Don)
05. She Don’t Know feat. Ludacris (Prod. by Bangladesh)
06. OMG feat. Will.I.Am (Prod. by Will.I.Am)
07. Mars vs. Venus (Prod. by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
08. Pro Lover (Prod. by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
09. Foolin’ Around (Prod. by Jermaine Dupri & Bryan Michael Cox)
10. Papers (Prod. by Zaytoven)
11. So Many Girls (Prod. by Danjahandz)
12. Guilty feat. T.I. (Prod. by Danjahandz)
13. Okay (Prod. by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
14. Making Love (Into The Night) (Prod. by Jim Jonsin)
15. More (Prod. by RedOne) [iTunes Bonus Track]

Usher – Raymond vs. Raymond In Stores March 30th

  1. marina 14 years ago

    there are some songs that I don’t know.. and im looking for those songs on Google: Love All Y’All ,Monstar , Mars vs Venus.. but i cant find ’em. By the way Raymond vs Raymond is perfect album :) love you Usher. Your biggest fan :D

  2. Question 14 years ago

    Where is this tracklist from?
    It is not even on his official site?

  3. Nick 14 years ago

    No way this is the final listing. No ‘Rockband’ and no ‘More’!

  4. beemichael 14 years ago

    this is wrong because more, in my bag, there goes my baby, hey daddy, are the only confirmed tracks on his official site… and in my bag ft ti isnt even on this list. this is incorrect. check your facts.

  5. Klemen 14 years ago

    More isnt on??

  6. -D- 14 years ago

    I Think/hope it’s fake.. the tracklist is way to short and Papers is a buzz single. Usher knows that this will end his career, 9 out of 13 are leaked already and he releases it in 1,5 month. Ursh knows better that this

  7. Klemen 14 years ago

    I already preorder it.
    So I really hope this is fake…
    Probably is, becouse “more” isnt on and papers is a buzz single.

  8. 14 years ago

    Settle down people!!!
    This is not real…I promise.
    For thos who know Usher’s music and album best, you would know that he opens up the album with an intro…and I am not seeing the intro. Also the song “Stay Down” is going to be on the album…and I am seeing that either. Therefore, this is an unofficial track list.

  9. Ruben 14 years ago

    uhhu.. its probalbly fake BUT in a tim westwood interview he confirmed that there will only be 13 tracks on the album!!! 7 records on the album had already leaked so there are like 6 new records on his album nahhh mann..
    this ain a good look for his n#1 fans (like me) fuck technology

  10. friend 14 years ago

    Usher you are the best even if you did get divorce from wife it stilll joy in from friend

  11. Anand 14 years ago

    “More” was a “buzz” single too which is a countdown promo single to his album hence why it isnt going to be on the album! Check wikipedia out! its the same track listing! You can always trust wikipedia! lol

  12. Anand 14 years ago

    I hope the song “slippin” will be on the album! now thats classic USH!

  13. nijah 14 years ago

    cant wait till it comes out

  14. UshersUltimateFan 14 years ago

    I Cant Wait For Ushers Album To Come Out. HE”S BACK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yeah Man Its A Good Look

  15. Mike 14 years ago

    They should put “In My Bag” feat. T.I This track produced by Scott Storch is a Potential Radio Hit and a Huge Banger !!!!!!

  16. Javon 14 years ago

    I hope guilty is the new name for In My Bag…

  17. Ebonywan 14 years ago

    I knew it….before I even saw the track credits, my boyz Jam and Lewis on Mars vs Venus! Classic…you can hear the same keys used on Janet’s “Enjoy” from 20 YO and I even hear hints of Michael’s “Human Nature”! So loving this track…can hardly wait for 3/30!

  18. Fix 14 years ago

    He should work with Scott Storch for at least 4 tracks Beacause “In My Bag” (feat T.I) was so great, and of course it was Storch on the beat.Scott Storch is the underrated Producer actually (He produced so many hits).

  19. MR BIG TYMER78 14 years ago

    yeah y’all people late, cause i already have the full album and he got some bedroom rockers on there LOL, i guess you people will have to wait a few more weeks to get it, or you can email me at and i can tell you where u can get it at LOL

  20. Gotitbad4usher 14 years ago

    Yo this new Raymond vs Raymond album is crazyyyyy. Just listened to a few songs off it n cant wait to get it when it comes out. Usher’s puttin on a show to promote the album in NYC on March 29th. ITS FREE!!!! Ive been tryin all day to win tickets…. here’s the link.

  21. Katie Rockett 14 years ago

    Ive Just Downloaded All Your songs fromt his album , i think there absolutly amazing Keep it up xx

  22. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Uhm I Love This Album:]

  23. Brandon Pears 14 years ago


  24. Nene Bebiiey 14 years ago

    The dancegirls at my school and me are dancing to his song more and man we be killinq it boiiy i tell yhuu man i was juxx practicing and im sweating and tired as hell yah’ll juxx doh’nt noe but i love the dance..!

  25. Nene Bebiiey 14 years ago

    and the song get chu going

  26. Anonymous 14 years ago

    all deezs songs r amzing!!!! OMG is my shit though

  27. sophie 14 years ago

    this album is amazingg :) love it OMG is brilliant .. they all are :) x

  28. nva 14 years ago

    i love guilty that my favorite track on the album so far but i got to say Confessions was the shit

  29. bruce wayne 14 years ago

    where can you find the song “Love Em All” -Usher. I cannot find it anywhere.this album is pretty good.its def a new usher sound.

  30. claudia 14 years ago

    omg! i l0ve this cd! heyy daddy lil freak ,omg, and papers!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Foolin’ Around

  32. sherri 14 years ago

    I love this CD my faviort song is foolin around cant get enough.

  33. FHULUFHELO SIVHIDZHO 14 years ago

    Hey usher your rockin ma i can’t wait to go to music reliable ware house the album is rockin

  34. NACHIKET 14 years ago

    that was very nice track i love this album i like omg song nice ine re….

  35. angela 14 years ago

    maybe he could write a song about being a no good cheater!!!!!!! men suck! women…take my advice and don’t date one man. juggle them. that’s what they are doing to YOU!

  36. Raymond v. Raymond is the sixth studio album by American R&B singer Usher, released March 30, 2010, on LaFace Records. Production for the album took place during 2008 to 2010 and was handled by several producers, including Jermaine Dupri, The Runners, Ester Dean, Polow da Don, RedOne, Jim Jonsin, Danja, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Bangladesh, and Tricky Stewart.

  37. miss understood 14 years ago

    I personally love this album especially mars vs venus that song makes my pussy thump wanting him so bad but my favorite favorite song is there goes my baby i’d be hard down sleep and would jump up when i hear that song I love you usher raymond I will always love you and if we ever meet it’s going down REAL FAST(NASCAR)

  38. Gloria ward 14 years ago

    all those songz was good but i dnt kno some da songz… im lookin forward 2 hear some new songz

  39. rawer rapper 14 years ago

    you the best usher :d

  40. Kudus 14 years ago

    Usher you will always be the best and you will surely be forever thats my man keep doing your thing i gat your back Kudus from Nigeria

  41. luke 14 years ago

    is there a special eddition

  42. Sam 14 years ago

    This Guy is Finally Rockin’ It Again!!

  43. ambika 14 years ago

    usher you are good

  44. ambika 14 years ago

    i hate you but your songs are good

  45. Anonymous 14 years ago

    why isnt dj got us fallin in love on this album

  46. Wexx 14 years ago

    Because he recorded it after this album. It was included on the Deluxe Edition or Versus EP.

  47. sevil 14 years ago

    usher is perfect :)

  48. ivwest.. 14 years ago

    man…. usher the king of r&b … 4 ever dude…

  49. Supdawg 14 years ago

    nice album usher man ps dont go on

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