Music: Usher – Ok x Lay You Down x Mars vs. Venus



Damn. Ok, this is crazy! Here are three more, brand new records from Usher. The first is titled, “Ok,” the second is titled, “Lay You Down,” and the third is titled, “Mars vs. Venus”. Out of all these only “Mars vs. Venus,” was listed on the supposed tracklist for Raymond vs. Raymond. I hope “Lay You Down,” finds it way on there though, because it is a great record. Check this out below. Raymond vs Raymond will hit stores worldwide March 30th! Stay tuned!

Usher – Ok

Usher – Lay You Down

Usher – Mars vs. Venus

Usher – Raymond vs. Raymond In Stores March 30th.

  1. father of rnb 14 years ago

    nbg in da house!!

    da alle bekannt sind, wird das rls echt nicht mehr überraschend wirken…hätte man wenigs. ihn verschonen sollen, und weniger leaken bzw gar nichts.

    aber freue mich dennoch auf das album.

    handz up 4 germany!!!

  2. Roc 14 years ago

    Lay You Down is the jam!!!

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