Video: Kiely Williams – Spectacular


WTF! Kiely Williams was first in 3LW, then found huge success as a member of The Cheetah Girls. She has now moved on looking for a solo career. Ok, that’s all the history that matters. Now on to this f**kery. Stepping out on your own, after being in a group your whole career takes guts, and can be very hard. Kiely seems to have chose to totally disregard her past, and her young fans with this song and video. The video is trashy, and the song is bad and explicit to the extent of Britney Spears on Viagra. I assume she was tired of all the childish content and wanted to express her adulthood. However, this video and song should never be heard by her past fans. If this is who Kiely really is and wants to be, she could have a nice career in Las Vegas. Check it out, what do you think. SMDH.

  1. MsDva 13 years ago

    Kiely was sluttin it out in 3LW IMO. She was the more outspoken one. The song gets a big NO THANKS

  2. MrDE 13 years ago

    This Shyt wuz horrible. She Looked like a major slut, and the lyrics made her even sound like one. The Video looks like it was made for tha playboy channel. She has talent but this song makes her look like the only talent she has is dancing on the poll. I do not to see expect this song poppin off anytime.

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