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A collection of all of Michael Jackson’s music videos will be released on November 22nd as a three-DVD set called Michael Jackson’s Vision, the Jackson estate and Epic/Legacy Recordings announced today. Vision will feature over 40 music videos from Jackson’s solo career, including the unreleased clip for 2003’s “One More Chance” (off Number Ones); the full version of his legendary “Thriller”; “Bad,” which was directed by Martin Scorsese; plus rarer clips like the eerie “Ghosts,” Jackson’s “Say Say Say” duet with Paul McCartney and director Spike Lee’s alternate version of “They Don’t Care About Us.”

Vision will be offered in a limited edition boxed set with a 60-page hard-bound book with photos from Jackson’s own archives. The Jackson estate also plans a collection of 10 unreleased Michael Jackson songs to be come out in November.

Continue reading for the full list of videos included in the set. Via RollingStone.

Michael Jackson’s Vision
1. “Don’t Stop” ‘Til You Get Enough 4:12
Director: Nick Saxton
2. “Rock With You” 3:22
Director: Bruce Gowers
3. “She’s Out of My Life” 3:35
Director: Bruce Gowers
4. “Billie Jean” 4:54
Director: Steve Barron
5. “Beat It” 4:57
Director: Bob Giraldi
6. “Thriller” 13:42
Director: John Landis
7. “Bad” 18:05
Director: Martin Scorsese
8. “The Way You Make Me Feel” 9:24
Director: Joe Pytka
9. “Man In the Mirror” 5:03
Director: Don Wilson
10. “Dirty Diana” 5:05
Director: Joe Pytka
11. “Smooth Criminal” 9:27
Director: Colin Chilvers
12. “Another Part of Me” 4:45
Director: Patrick T. Kelly
13. “Speed Demon” 10:08
Director: Will Vinton
14. “Come Together” 5:40
Director: Jerry Kramer & Colin Chilvers
15. “Leave Me Alone” 4:36
Director: Jim Blashfield and Paul Diener
16. “Liberian Girl” 5:34
Director: Jim Yukich

1. “Black or White” 11:01
Director: John Landis
2. “Remember The Time” 9:16
Director: John Singleton
3. “In the Closet” 6:05
Director: Herb Ritts
4. “Jam” 7:59
Director: David Nelson
5. “Heal The World” 7:32
Director: Joe Pytka
6. “Give In To Me” 5:29
Director: Andy Morahan
7. “Who Is It” 6:34
Director: David Fincher
8. “Will You Be There” 5:55
Director: Vincent Paterson
9. “Gone Too Soon” 3:38
Director: Bill DiCicco
10. “Scream” 4:47
Director: Mark Romanek
11. “Childhood” 4:29
Director: Nicholas Brandt
12. “You Are Not Alone” 5:34
Director: Wayne Isham
13. “Earth Song” 6:44
Director: Nicholas Brandt
14. “They Don’t Care About Us” 7:08
Director: Spike Lee
15. “Stranger In Moskow” 5:33
Director: Nicholas Brandt
16. “Blood On The Dancefloor” 5:27
Director: Michael Jackson & Vincent Patterson
17. “Ghosts” 3:58
Director: Stan Winston
18. “You Rock My World” 13:30
Director: Paul Hunter
19. “Cry” 4:57
Director: Nick Brandt

DISC 3 (Bonus Features)
1. “Blame It On the Boogie” – The Jacksons 3:32
2. “Enjoy Yourself” – The Jacksons 3:31
3. “Can You Feel It” – The Jacksons 9:37
4. “Say Say Say” – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 4:57
Director: Bob Giraldi
5. “They Don’t Care About Us” – Prison version 4:52
Director: Spike Lee
6. “Why?” – 3T featuring Michael Jackson 4:33
7. “One More Chance” – previously unreleased 4:03

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