Chrisette Michele Interview With GWHH


Chrisette Michele talks with Sgt. Tibs of GWHH about what she wanted to achieve with the new mixtape ‘Love Thy Brother’ with Lem Payne, how the mixtape is a prelude and similar to the upcoming album, Let Freedom Reign, the story behind the album’s title, and the message behind the upcoming title track featuring Talib Kweli & Black Thought.

On the message of the upcoming song “Let Freedom Reign” (featuring Talib Kweli & Black Thought):
“A lot of times when society gives us benefits or they ask us to check a box, and then they give us things because of the box that we check, we feel like we’re cowards. We feel like we’re taking something that everybody else doesn’t get, and so our shot isn’t the same as everybody else’s. But I feel like if society says ‘check this box’ and they want to reward you for checking that box, when you finish taking everything that they give you and you end up on top, nobody’s going to know what box you checked. That’s what that song is about…”

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