Music: Avant – Your Body Is The Business


Here is a brand new record by Avant off his forthcoming album The Letter. It is titled, “Your Body Is The Business,” and it will be his next single. The album is slated to hit stores December 21st.  Eb The Celeb previewed the album, and said this is the backstory to this record.

The story behind this record is that he was in LA and saw this chick that looked like Aaliyah except she had a lot more body to her. He stepped to her and they were talking and he was really digging her but she told him that she just wanted to be friends. He tries to convince her to give him the chance to hit it one good time and he’ll do her body so right that he promises she’ll want to be his boo after.

Link: Avant – Your Body Is The Business | Alt. Link

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  1. Mike 14 years ago

    This is an old song btw… I could of sworn it was on one album.

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