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ThatGrapeJuice recently caught up with one of today’s hottest producers, Kenneth “Soundz” Coby, for an exclusive interview. The bubbling producer who has established himself as one of the industry’s go to producers, having worked with a wide range of artists such as Usher, Rihanna, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and others. He discussed how he got started in the industry, his experiences working with Ciara, his thoughts on Rihanna’s vocal ability, making Kelly Rowland a bigger star, Beyonce’s writing credits and much more. Check it out!

You’re still a relatively new face in the industry. Tell us a bit about how you got started.

Usher Raymond gave me my start. He signed me in 2006 with a record I did. I did a beat for Once Chance called ‘Look at Her (Ft. Fabo)’ and that was my first placement; my first shot. He gave me my first publishing deal.

You’ve worked with several high profile artists in recent years including Usher, Rihanna and Ciara. Which record was your first big break?

Usher of course! I did the Usher/Beyonce/Lil Wayne ‘Love In This Club (Part 2)’ and it shot to #7 on Billboard so that’s my biggest record thus far.

Speaking of Ciara, you contributed several songs to her recently released ‘Basic Instinct’ album such as the single ‘Gimme Dat’. What was it like working with Ciara?

Ciara is a sweetheart. She’s a hard worker – she doesn’t come into the studio glammed up; she comes into the studio ready to work; she’s one of those true artists. She’s professional and one of the last traditional recording artists that we have that is still young.

Everybody else is on a new school way of recording but Ciara says “no I want to get it right. I should do as many takes as it takes to get it right”. She’s cool and she’s a good person as well. From day one, ever since we first started working, we’ve been staying in contact pretty much almost every other day. She’s a really cool person.

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