YHTN Presents: Before & After – Sean Garrett


Before & After is a series specifically dedicated to the Before & After activities of an up & coming artist before hitting the stage to perform and directly after. In these episodes you will receive insight revolving around the artist’s performance preparation, a peek inside some candid moments and a brief interview between LowKey and the artist. The interesting twist to this series: no performance footage.

In the third installment to “Before & After”, we follow Columbia Records newcomer Sean Garrett on the night of one of his most performances of his career: Highline Ballroom for BET’s Music Matters Tour finale. While Garrett doesn’t fail to remind us of his penmanship capabilities (he just landed his 17th #1 record for penning Usher’s “Papers” record), becoming a complete package is what he’s now aiming for. It’s been a long time coming for the Atlanta native, can he take it to the next level? You are now watching “Before & After.” ENJOY!

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