Chris Brown Unveils F.A.M.E. Album Cover & Track List



Chris Brown has unveiled the artwork for his F.A.M.E. album cover, which is due to be released March 22. The multi-talented star has been immersing himself in his form of graphic art lately, and this very artistic cover demonstrates his emotions and love of pop art. Breezy’s star has steadily been rising from the success of “Deuces” and through his strong fan base it’s clear he is back where he deserves to be. While the album hasn’t officially yielded any smash singles yet (“Look At Me Now,” “Yeah 3x,” and “Beautiful People”), his current mixtape single “No BS” is pushing the buzz for the album. I am very optimistic that the album will produce a new smash soon,  and as always I’m rooting for CB. What do you think of the cover? UPDATE: Follow the jump for the official track list and credits for F.A.M.E. and the deluxe version.


01. Deuces feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall (Prod. by Kevin McCall)
02. Up 2 You (Prod. by The Underdogs)
03. No Bullshit (Prod. by Tha Bizness)
04. Look At Me Now feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes (Prod. by Diplo, Afrojack & Free School)
05. She Ain’t You (Prod. by Free School)
06. Say It With Me (Prod. by Harmony Samuels)
07. Yeah 3x (Prod. by DJ Frank E)
08. Next 2 You feat. Justin Bieber (Prod. by The Messingers)
09. All Back (Prod. by Timothy Bloom)
10. Wet The Bed feat. Ludacris (Prod. by Bigg D)
11. Oh My Love (Prod. by Harmony Samuels)
12. Should’ve Kissed You (Prod. by Brian Kennedy)
13. Beautiful People feat. Benny Benassi (Prod. by Benny Benassi)

Deluxe Edition:
14. Bomb feat. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. by Free School)
15. Love The Girls feat. Game (Prod. by Polow Da Don)
16. Paper, Scissors, Rock feat. Big Sean & Timbaland (Prod. by Timbaland & JRoc)
17. Beg For It (Prod. by The Stereotypes)

Shout to UrbanBridgez

I guess it is official there is just a single disc and deluxe version, and the rumor of a 2 disc set titled, F.A.M.E. & Fortune is out the window. This kind of makes me wonder how you can really sequence an album of mainstream R&B and Pop/Dance with a flow that doesn’t heavily jump around. Let’s hope it’s possible, ha. Still looking forward to Brown’s new album. Are you?

  1. jim 54 13 years ago

    wack !!!!!!!!

  2. sobreezy 13 years ago

    omgg where’s calypso and sweetheart?!?? Disappointed :((

  3. Anonymous 13 years ago

    stupid, we have gotten a better tracklist with his mixtapes, why the hell is dueces on there. really dissapointed man

  4. aurelio 13 years ago

    how can people hate on a tracklist. Just a bunch of haters

  5. Wexx 13 years ago

    Exactly, relax and wait to hear it before you complain.

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