Here’s something new out of the Motor City; by the name of Vina Mills. There’s not much to say, but I like this record. This was submitted to us through the email, yes we check it and listen to everything! I’m not sure if this is the final mix for the record, and I hope not. I want to see more, Listen for yourself.

  1. ty from philly 13 years ago

    Omfg! This is hot! Post some more

  2. mike 13 years ago

    I fux wit it… cant wait to hear more

  3. luli 13 years ago


  4. ALIYYAH BOLDEN 13 years ago

    This song is F**KING HOT!!! LOVE IT!

  5. joe 13 years ago

    Very talented young lady… shes goin places

  6. Dane Young 13 years ago

    Stay tune….Major things coming your way from Ms.Vina Mills.

  7. PWeeeezy 13 years ago

    This track is FIRE!!!!!!! hot new spring/summer Joint cant wait to hear more of her!

  8. Spin Doctor (Otis) 13 years ago

    Super HOT track!! Looking forward to hearing a lot more from this star!!!

  9. scoop423 13 years ago

    refreshing track 4 2011

  10. trezzlarry 13 years ago

    Okay! This is dope!

  11. Tynisha 13 years ago

    Love it! I surely see myself banging this!!!

  12. Jeremy 13 years ago

    I really like this song..The vocals and music are a good combo..Good Job VINA!!!! I need this on my POD

  13. Wham 13 years ago

    I picture myself riding with the top down on Lake Shore Drive on a hot summer day while listening to this track. Great feel good song. I’m dancin’ in my seat.

  14. Bjoseph 13 years ago

    Love this OMG! I been bumping it all day! Luv u Vina!

  15. dannyB 13 years ago

    This track is fire!!!!!!!!!! Anything she does is Flame aka hot to death to me I lovvvve Vina

  16. Juan Autrey 13 years ago

    I love it!

  17. Dave 13 years ago

    great song. dope beat and lyrics

  18. April LaJoy 13 years ago

    This girl is hott!! Saw her perform in Detroit.. She commands the crowd… GO GIRL!

  19. #TeamMbamala 13 years ago

    Great Song! Vina, you show more enthusiasm than most of these other RnB artist. I appreciate your voice. Your lyrics are magnificent! Keep up the good work. You definitely have a supporter.

  20. BE Iconic 13 years ago

    i love her, love this song, love this new sound. i love her! vina is amazing! support her, tweet her

  21. heyitsBEAUTY 13 years ago

    I miss good music. Music that speaks to your soul, Music that is powerful enough to change your mood or set the tone. This song takes me where I wanted to be right now.

    I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in the “Vina Experience”, and this chick gets lost in the world of entertainment and transforms into whoever the the crowd needs her to be. She is a born entertainer. If you think this song is hott, wait until you see her LIVE…

    Kudos on another great creation Vina!!!

  22. Ramon 13 years ago

    OMG!!! This is a beautiful picture…WOW!!!

  23. Tiffany 13 years ago

    New spring 2011 crusing music, a must have!!!

  24. Tiffany 13 years ago

    A hot new spring 2011 crusing track, a must have!!!

  25. Ramon 13 years ago

    Now that I’ve listened to the track…OMG again!! I love this. This is going on my i-pod immediately!

  26. Robert 13 years ago

    HMMMMM can we say addition to ipod!!! i need some new music on it!!! :) go vina go vina go vina! lol

  27. Elle B 13 years ago


  28. T.A 13 years ago

    Yoooooooo this girl is crazy!!! I looked her up on youtube. Where has she been?! She’s killin it and this song is bananas!! She’s got a new fan in me.

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