With a better late than never approach; Usher finally releases a visual for “More”. A record I really liked off of his Raymond Vs. Raymond LP.  With a combination of some live footage from his recent UK tour mixed in with some shots involving lazers, lights and random dancing. I dig it.

5 bucks to anyone that can find out why this video was posted on a Willow Smith Youtube page?

  1. Wexx 12 years ago

    VEVO blocked the video from being seen in the US, and probably elsewhere but the UK. That isn’t Willow’s official YouTube page, that person just uploaded it there, which is great so we can actually see it. Boo Vevo.

  2. odeke 11 years ago

    im nt happy abt the fact that this video is nt publishe’,coz i think it has to be there inorder 4 every 2 c it!so post it pliz im cravin 2 c it!

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