Daniel Gibson Twitpic’d some of his wedding photos with Keyshia Cole. Along with the photos, Gibson tweeted, “Always & ForEver!! It’s just like a Dream To Me“.

The two got married in a private ceremony on Saturday night. From there, they jetted off in a helicopter overlooking the city.

Follow the jump for more photos.

  1. lisemane ablard 10 years ago

    u guys look perfect for each other two beautiful person

  2. pjay 10 years ago

    i know right

  3. lisemane ablard 10 years ago

    they look so beautiful with each other they perfect i wish u guys can stay with each other forever

  4. pjay 10 years ago

    i wish i can meet u so we can have a beautiful family together just like them i saw u n facebook u look beautiful too

  5. lisemane ablard 10 years ago

    thank you u too i have 2 go im in school bye wait a minute how u know i was texting under keyshia cole pic

  6. pjay 10 years ago

    look behind u

  7. lisemane ablard 10 years ago

    are u following me anyway bye

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