Chris Brown recently tweeted that he may release a Hip-Hop mixtape, before his next album Fortune. It looks like the Pop star has already begun the work. But, don’t worry it is not as Hip-Hop as you may assume. If this is the direction he plans to take, then we can get down with that idea, because Breezy did this thing on this.

A collaboration with producer/DJ Hudson Mohawke. The ladies’ man takes us on a trip, singing and rapping, about all the beautiful women he fantasizes about, in the gorilla style visual.

We gonna need the mp3 of this. UPDATE: I knew this sounded familiar, after searching around my hard drive and then YouTube I found it. Over a year ago, Chris did a uStream session where he played a song titled “Your Body” off his laptop. Following that, it was released by DJ Ill Will with his tags, possibly a left over from the Fan Of A Fan or In My Zone mixtape sessions. But, as far as I know it hasn’t surfaced sans tags yet, so we still gonna need that mp3 Chris.

  1. Jussie 13 years ago

    That Kanye’s flow

  2. bigghouse 13 years ago

    Hud mo is so dope.

    Why do a joint with a faggot girl beating moron like Chris Brown………………

  3. JeffTHEreff 13 years ago

    i dont know hudsons mo beat overshadows chris’s raps but that chorus is hot

  4. the head 13 years ago

    Nothing Real About it

  5. jhen 13 years ago

    fuck chris brown. pretty big disappointment to the real hudmo fans out there..

  6. Tone 13 years ago

    If it’s a mixtape then I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need Hudmo’s permission to take the track.

    Also, Rising 5 (the track) was released for free on the Warp site prior to Butter’s release.

    Just saying..

  7. Anonymous 13 years ago

    I would rather this didn’t exist.

  8. hellasickbra 13 years ago

    wow, that was awful, why would hudmo associate with someone as lame/generic as chris brown? Hmm..

  9. Anonymous 13 years ago

    I don’t know why this is existant right now.

  10. don king 13 years ago

    I’m no Chris Brown fan, but it’s great that HudMo is doing tracks with artists like this, more exposure for him has to be a good thing. If any of you moaning about this collaboration made a track that rnb artists were knocking down your door to use you would be absolutely falling over yourself to license it to them and don’t pretend you wouldn’t!

    If you don’t like it then just go listen to the original instrumental version, what’s the issue?

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