Singer/Songwriter Corey “Latif” Williams flew over to Germany this past weekend for a special performance at Club Index. In this clip the R&B songster performs his latest single “Magnificent,” “U Think U Know” and “Destination Us.” Check it out.

  1. Music 13 years ago

    IS destination us really his first single? It sounds like a great song

  2. Wexx 13 years ago

    Yes, it will be a single off his new album.

  3. great vibe!!!!! 13 years ago

    what record label is he on? And did stargate do that destination us amazing voice

  4. Music 13 years ago

    Wexx when is the video for one kiss coming out? What is the name of his album

  5. Wexx 13 years ago

    The video should be out next week or the following. The album is called Love Life, but as of right now it is just a Japan only release.

  6. Love 13 years ago

    I think latif is making love life for japan and coming out with another album for everybody this year it’s called dealing wit life!!!!!

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