Miguel is gearing up for round two. The “Sure Thing” crooner is in the process of recording his sophomore album, tentatively due in March/April 2012. He provided Rap-Up TV with some insight at this weekend’s VMAs.

“Think electronic hip-hop meets classic rock meets great songs,” he explained. “I’m excited to discuss a few topics outside of the romantic experience, but still keep it very relatable.”

He wants to convey a deeper message with his lyrics, taking a page from socially conscious artists like Marvin Gaye. “We don’t have that many ‘urban’ artists that are chronicling the times,” he said. “A lot has been on my mind, so some of those things I might discuss on this next album.”

In addition to his own music, Miguel is returning to the studio with Usher for two to three months to write for his next project. “Expect it to be amazing,” he teased.

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