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You knew someone had it! TMZ releases some footage from the alleged fight between Ray J & Fabolous. While you can’t see Fab, or see anything much at all, you do hear Fab say “don’t touch me,” which they did mention, and it does seem to show 50 was instigating it, you know that’s what he does, even if it was jokes.

50 spoke with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 last night, offering his take on the altercation. He claims Ray J tapped Fabolous on the shoulder and swung at him, but Fab wasn’t hurt. “There was a swing, but it didn’t land on nothing, so you can’t call it a punch,” he said.

“Fab is looking at him like he’s crazy,” added 50, whose new album is due in November. “He said, ‘Whoa. Have you lost your mind right now?’”

The G-Unit mogul corroborated with what Fabolous said earlier, hinting that Ray J may have been on something. “I think [Ray J] had a little bit of juice in him.”

50 stepped in to break it up before things escalated further. “I pushed Fab and his brother Paul to the side. It wasn’t really a good look.”

You know you are going to click that play button even if this footage doesn’t show much.

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