Following the news that Beyonce will finally release the video for “Party” next Tuesday (Oct. 25th), the brand new, official remix has been released. B is jointed by Roc Nation star J. Cole, who just replaces Andre 3000, for a short, but dope verse. Rumor has it Cole will be replacing Andre in the video, for whatever reason he couldn’t make it. Kind of a shame, since Andre made the song just as much as B, but still expecting a great video. Check it out below.

  1. Yanow76 13 years ago

    Think this remix is useless !!! Doncha think? They just put J.cole’s rap instead of André3000’s one. And it’s not better!! really the original song is much better

  2. TranquilityIzMe 13 years ago

    I agree, Andre3000 actually made me like this song and w/o him I hesitated to listen to this and now that I did I think it was a bad move to not have him on here bc J.Cole doesn’t have the flavor that 3000 does to make this song standout.

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