Here is the brand new video for singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko’s song “My Mine.” I have been on the ledge about her, unsure how I feel. Granted she’s a beautiful girl, so that can sway the feelings some, and has some cool records, but let us know what you think. Do you want to see more posts on Jhene?

  1. Anonymous 11 years ago

    yes shes dope her mixtape is one of the best mixtape out in 11!!

  2. Wifi 11 years ago

    YES!! More posts on her!!! Her mixtape “Sailing Soul(s)” is my fav CD in 2011. And she’s the proof RnB isn’t dead!

  3. miss milah 11 years ago

    Jhene Aiko is so talented and yet barely known out there. I agree her mixtape by far one of the best ones of the year. Although I found this video boring I love all her songs and so please contimue to post any and everything she does!!!!

  4. V.I.C. 11 years ago

    I really like this record. I’ve had it on repeat. She is cool to ride to and relax to. Her music can do big things. Very soothing.

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