Hitmaker Sean Garrett and R&B legend Brandy were back in the studio again. The two took to uStream once again as well. They talked about her new music and much anticipated new album.

“I haven’t heard me over music this good in a very, very long time,” said Brandy. “I just think that this album touches every emotion that I think everybody goes through with love, with ups and downs, with struggle… But the difference between this album and the last album is that it has an R&B core and it’s edgy. It has a little bit of hip-hop in there, and we’re just really working hard to make a classic album.”

She gave credit to her collaborator for bringing out the best in her. “Sean Garrett gives me hope that I can really come back and make a statement in the game again and really be an inspiration again,” she added. “At first I didn’t know. After not hearing yourself over top notch music in a long time—not to diss anybody that I’ve worked with—but this is just on another page.”

Sean explained what direction Brandy is taking with her latest sound. “We were very focused and wanted to make sure we didn’t lose the integrity of what Brandy is all about, meaning they’re incredible songs,” he said. “She’s definitely in the club this time, but she’s in the club right. We ain’t takin’ her in the club and having her soundin’ like something that don’t really make sense with Brandy.”

During the nearly hour-long chat, they previewed 20 seconds from a new song (starting at the 30:00 mark) produced by Tha Bizness.

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