ThatGrapeJuice TV returns with another great episode of their live performance series ‘The Splash’. This time burgeoning singer/songwriter Luke James showcases his talent with acoustic renditions of his debut single “I Want You,” “Hurt Me” and a cover of Kelly Rowland’s “All Of The Night.” Incredible!

Read what TGJ had to say…

Beyonce‘s a fan. Kelly Rowland‘s a fan. And, after watching The Splash with Luke James, you will be too.The newest edition to Def Jam‘s roster, James has been drumming up an ever-growing buzz. Unsurprising, in that his combination of dashing looks and undeniable talent present quite the compelling package.Indeed, in an age where the importance of ‘talent’ is undervalued, James brings it back to the forefront – with pin-up appeal.In this exclusive session, the New Orleans native showcases material from his forthcoming debut ‘Made To Love’ (due 2012), as well as a Kelly Rowland favorite.

Watch Luke’s impressive performance and interview below.

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