The diva of all divas, Ms. Diana Ross is set to receive the Lifetime Achievement award at the Grammy awards ceremony, taking place on February 12, 2012 in Los Angeles. For those who don’t know who Ms. Ross is, before there was Beyonce, before there was Alicia, Mary, Mariah there was Diana Ross & The Supremes. Although she has been nominated for many but unfortunately has never won, and it still doesn’t take away that she. Is. THE greatest; in my eyes at least.

Also recieving awards will be the Allman Brothers Band, Glen Campbell, Antonio Carlos Jobim, George Jones, Steve Jobs (trustee), the Memphis Horns and Gil Scott-Heron who died earlier this year.

  1. Straus 10 years ago

    Well…Well…Well, is about all I can say. It is long overdue. However, I thank the Trustees for not forgetting that she is still here, and still working. I sure they would televise her receiving this most deserved award…

  2. Tivoli Eclipse 10 years ago

    It is about time! What a monumental oversight! The incomparable Ms. Diana Ross is the Boss — period! Her iconography, and her status in the Ballroom (or the Big Room — where exit signs are clearly marked) does not require apologies, explanations, or justification. She is it. She ‘got’ legs — long legs!

    That the music industry did not ‘grace’ her with Grammys was not about talent, or competition, genre, category, money, or pay-offs. It was un-pure politics!

    Alas, Ms. Ross is too much of a lady to tell the Grammys where to shove that award! She was slighted, but that does not define who she is and what she’s done for the industry and her poly-psycho-macro-micro-sociological impact on the 20th Century. Comparing ‘talent’ to The Boss is ridiculous. Not ridiculous in a dull sense, ridiculous like irrational, uninspired and frankly uninformed.

    PS: When she’s gone — work will cease, hearts will stop and tears will tilt the earth — so savor the tribute (and there better be a tribute). You don’t reach out to Diana Ross — The Boss unless you plan on showing love — on a grand scale.

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