For our second giveaway of the new year, we have teamed up with Tank and Atlantic Records to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win Tank’s brand new 2012 calendar. The calendar features 12 brand new photos of the R&B singer/songwriter. Ladies, you do not want to miss out on this!

Enter to win below.

UPDATE: The contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered. If you weren’t contacted, you can still pick up the calendar from Tank’s website HERE, and we wish you the best in our future contests.


1. We have written out lyrics below to one of Tank’s songs. All you have to do is name the song, email your answer to, with the subject ‘Tank’.

2. Leave a comment below saying why you should win, (not the answer). Make sure you use the same email address for your comment, that you email your answer with (your email will not be seen by your comment).

Terms & Conditions:

1. The contest starts today January 11, and will end January 13 at 5:00 PM EST.

2. The winners will be picked by random selection of the email entries.

3. The winners will receive 1 Limited Edition 2012 Tank Calendar.

4. The calendars will be shipped to each contest winner, via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail. is not liable for any lost or damaged mail.


Name This Song:

Oh she found all of the numbers I had in my car // Oh she called all the ones I had marked wit a star // Oh I’m racing over to plead my case // Oh she saw it was me and slammed the door in my face // Fella’s tell me why how come we always doing wrong…

  1. TankFanCirca01 12 years ago

    The reason I should win is because, the calendar would go to my mom…Within the past few months..Ive not only got the “Diary Of A Mad Man” Mixtape..but unreleased songs…”She Got Me Saying”, “She Got That”…and so forth..Anything Tank releases I download or purchase and hand a copy over to my mom..She doesnt know I love Tank just as much as she does..but since I was underage when he debuted, my mom has been having nasty thoughts about Tank way longer..So she has the advantage :)

  2. Kellee Nicole 12 years ago

    I should win this calendar because of my prompt diligence in entering the contest and because I’ve been a Tank fan since day ONE. And also because I didnt get the chance to throw my draws on stage at the Tank concert because I was on a date. PLEASE pick me. I want this calendar!

  3. Kelly Magruder 12 years ago


  4. realrnb 12 years ago

    I’m just a fan of real music and I have bbeen following Tank since he first hit the scene. I have always respected his artistry and writing ability. Tank always stay true to what loves

  5. Lindsey 12 years ago

    I think that I should win this calender because I am his BIGGEST fan and I have been following him since he use to play keyboard and sing with a group called Victor Johnson and Free!!!! I’ve met him maybe once but it was a very long time ago. I am not only a fan of him but I am a fan of his music. The songs that he writes are just simply amazing. He is one artist that I feel is underrated and it doesn’t make any sense to me. When I listen to his music you can just feel the PASSION in each and every song. i personally have all of his cd’s, the autographed poster, the dog tag that came with the last cd, and lots of pictures. I may not get to see him a lot but when I know he’s coming to DC I make it my business to go see him. But at the end of the day I AM TANK’S BIGGEST FAN and that’s why I think I should win!!!

  6. Susan 12 years ago

    I should win because I am a huge Tank fan and I just enjoy his music! He has been one of my favorite artist for a long time, I even got my daughter hooked!!

  7. Kellee Nicole 12 years ago

    And might I add, I am more than willing to bear his children. :0)

  8. Nicole Ramos 12 years ago

    I have supported Tank since the beginning and am constantly promoting him on Twitter! The world needs to know 2012 is the year for R&B take over an the man on top is Tank! Savior!! :)

  9. Makeba 12 years ago

    I think I should win because I am in love with Tank and so is my four year old daughter. She loves Tank music and everytime we get in the car she will say “mommy please play Tank and I want to hear Celebration”!!! We would love to see Tank’s face every morning when we wake up!!!

  10. babyangel8904 12 years ago

    Tank has been one of the best RnB artist out there that has yet to get the recognition he deserves! Been growing up in today’s music world for me real RnB is Tank. His music has so much meaning behind it for me & has been one of my favorite artists thus far, even attending his concerts when possible. This is the reason I should win this calendar, I truly am a fan of this man’s vocal talents & will keep supporting his music until the end! :)

  11. PrinCessDi 12 years ago

    The reason I should win is because I am a huge Tank Fan (a genuine fan) I have loved him since day one.. I loved actaully before he started making his own music and was on everyone elses albums. I appreciate him staying true to himself and his music!! He’s keeping real rnb here at the for front and we need him to continue making great music. I will continue to support him and all he does even tho he is so underrated and doesnt get enough love.

  12. TankFanDeeT10 12 years ago

    I would love to win the calendar, because I really enjoy Tank’s music. He is a very talented artist. I have purchased all of his albums as well, because I believe in supporting all artist from Milwaukee, WI. Tank’s music really speaks to me. A lot of tanks song sum up what I have or feel in current and past relationships. My all time favorite song of Tank’s is “Can’t Make you love me”. This song was produced just for me during a time where I was going though a bad break up with someone I really loved. So this song summed up how I felt. All in all Tank is a wonderful artist and I am sure he is a wonderful well rounded person as well. So if my comment deems worthy of this Calendar, I would gladly accept it. Tank may God continue you to bless you to touch many with your wonderful gift. Take care.

  13. TrueTankFan 12 years ago

    I know I should win because I have been a true supporter of Tank since he was singing background with Aaliyah and Ginuwine. His music is the real definition of R&B, which is lacking in today’s music. I’m a huge fan and this will just add to my collection.

  14. Veronica 12 years ago

    I have been a Tank fan from the beginning. I love his music!!!! R and B is the theme music to my life. I’ve been told I am the Queen of R and B because that’s all I listen to. I have all his CDs, hard copies, no digital. If my computer was working I’d have Diary of a Mad Man too. One Man is still in the cd player in my car. I have his music on my iPhone and 2 mp3 players. I just LOVE me some Tank!!!!!!!

  15. Immoni 12 years ago

    I would be more than pleased to wake up an see Tank on my wall in my room in the morning. I’ve always been a big fan. His music is more than beautiful and I believe that he knows how to make a woman feel appreciated and beautiful with his music. And if it was autographed I would be more than greatful ; ) Please and Thank You

  16. Dawn 12 years ago

    I should win because I LOVE TANK! his new mixtape is amazing. He represents REAL R&B!!

  17. TOYA 12 years ago

    tank–please dnt go..I have and will always be a TANK fan no matter what. I want to win simply because u are great and it would b great to wake up in the mornings and see

  18. Juana 12 years ago

    Why not just tell us where we can buy the damn calendar? SMH

  19. FoxyFan 12 years ago

    The reason I should win is because I have always loved Tank since he came in 2000 when I was in college and his music has helped me get move on and get over many emotional life roadblocks. Tank’s music helps listeners and fans know its ok to feel these things and how some things are worth fighting for while others are not and you have to let it go. Thank you Tank gosh knows you not only handsome but a damn good artist/singer!!

  20. Jasmine 12 years ago

    I think I should win a calendar because Tank has helped me through past relationships by just listening to his music. He has been a powerful influence in the R&B world and has continued to make REAL music that has purpose and meaning whether it is about loving someone, how “AMAZING” they can be, being able to realize that you, “Can’t make someone love you if they don’t,” and “Maybe I Deserve” better. As a music junkie and an AVID listener of the lyrical content TANK provides I think that receiving a calendar will make my day and give me something to brag to my friends about =)

  21. DeAun 12 years ago

    I really want to win this for my cousin. She is the BIGGEST Tank fan i ever met, she out me on to Tank’s.Everyday i swear she’s texting me about a new Tank song she found on youtube. She’s been going through some rough times and i just know this would brighten her up if i could give her this calendar.

  22. Jackie D 12 years ago

    I should win this because I am a HUGE fan of Tank. I saw him this past year at The Ohio State Fair, had front and center seats, and have seen him several times and he is GREAT!! I would love to wake up everyday to see his face on my calendar.

  23. Jenna 12 years ago

    i thinkk i should win this contest, because i really am one of tanks biggest fan, i LOVE everything about him, he is a amazing singer & i must say the king of R&B, he is really one of those singers that actually feels his songs & puts the right emotion in it, to make it a hit .. There isnt a day i go by that i dont listen to one of his albums, its the first cds i pop in the cd player in my car , the day i saw him at a concert ( & gettin a picture with him) was totally one of the best days of my life, just to meet a great / talented / handsome man .. speakin of the picture i have it next to my bed on my in table :)

  24. Indya H 12 years ago

    I should win this contest because I have been a Tank supporter from Day One. He represents what RnB is lacking in today’s music and I can listen to the Tank radio station on Pandora all day long! Plus he is Sexy! What more do you need?

  25. Alicia Lashay 12 years ago

    I should win this contest because I feel that a picture can capture the essence of a period of time. I feel that Tank is a legendary r&b male artist, who writes, sings and produces quality r&b. R&B is genre of music that can celebrate and feature an individuals emotions/feelings, and state of being. Having a new 2012 calender of Tank will monthly remind me of what it takes to be successful in the music industry, plus he’s a lady killer with good looks, Sexy, Charismatic and Inspiring! :)

  26. Vivian Mays 12 years ago

    I should win because I enjoy Tank as a singer, writer, actor and a person.

  27. tanisha "sharon" 12 years ago

    I love tank ever since maybe I deserve force of nature I wss luck enough to see him last year at the ball room and would love to see him every with this calender I have love tank since day one and stayed true as a fan and thats why I should win

  28. Neshia Montgomery 12 years ago

    The name of the song is Please Don’t Go. I should win because I love Tank and his cd never leaves out of my cd changer and he gave me money when he came here to Houston and did a concert!! muah!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU DURRELL BABBS!!!!

  29. Tiffany 12 years ago

    I know i should win because i am a Fan of real music and music is my life I love Tanks music because you can all feel his heart and soul in every song he sings you can feel the lyrics and thats the kind of artist i love His is one of the last soul r&b singers left and i love him :) This would look great on my wall Thanks

  30. Maryanette 12 years ago

    Tank is indeed a talent all around. His passion for music be it singing or writing is overwhelming and you can’t NOT appreciate it. He has longevity yet keeps his mindset on creating real moving music! We’ve lost quite a few greats musically over the years, glad to know we still have one of the stars still amongst us and I’d be more than happy to meet such a creative talent!

  31. Toneisha 12 years ago

    Tank is my soul’s healing. I LOVE his voice because it’s like therapy for me. It would a joy to wake up and see him as well as hear him. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  32. Nyesha tyes 12 years ago


  33. Danielle E. 12 years ago

    I should when this contest because it’s SHOWTIME while listening to SEX MUSIC. The CELEBRATION becomes and EMERGENCY after I SCREAM, “I love you, Tank!” at the TV Screen. Let’s KEEP IT 100, I was a little confused about Devilin Mitchell because I am a Preacher’s Kid. I was so caught up in that role I forgot it was FOREPLAY “for play”. The serenade in the beginning, “Come a little closer let me talk to you!!” My thoughts…ON MY WAY. Made me ask, Could I?, Would I, Should I? CAN I?…Yes sir!! You are AMAZING and incredible. Why should I win because YOU MEAN THAT MUCH to ME.. I CAN’T MAKE YOU LOVE ME…Durrell “Tank” Bibbs just know, “I’ll take good care of your heart! Good care of your heart!” #Latoya Luckett voice

  34. Tanisha G 12 years ago

    I should win because I want The General in my building EVERYDAY!!!!! Love me some Tank!

  35. Tanisha G 12 years ago

    I should win because I want The General in my building EVERYDAY!!!! Love me some Tank!

  36. Tyla Bryant 12 years ago

    I think I should win, Be cause i rouck His Cd everyday on my car and my car caught on fire and my cd is gone i have replaced the cd, and still no car!!! My Bday is comin up the 29th of jan and it would make a great Bday present!!!!

  37. Denise C 12 years ago

    Hi All,

    I should win this calender because……I NEVER WIN ANYTHING…..I would love to look at this man everyday….enough said.

    I am a huge Tank fan, and you should not take that lightly because I have never been a HUGE fan like this of anyone!!

    I just want to send a big God Bless to all!!


  38. Endia 12 years ago

    I should win because I loved Tank ever since he came out with Maybe I Deserve when I was in high school. I followed his career for years. He’s just so talented and my favorite artist in rnb. i have his mixtape and his last album now or never. I can’t wait for his new album to drop. Also, I wouldn’t mind looking at him every month on my wall!

  39. Tanks#1 Fan!! 12 years ago

    I should win because I am Tanks number one fan. He consistently comes out with great r&b music. I have loved every one of his songs. He makes albums that you can play all the way through and that is rare these days. Whenever he comes out with new music I go get it because I know its gonna be hot!!! I think tank is the best r&b vocalist in the game! I love and support everything he does and that is why I should win!

  40. Carissa 12 years ago

    Why I should win…To be able to look at that handsome man all year, while making the other girls at work jealous ;-) Tank has a raw talent for R & B that is rarely seen in today’s music. Keep doing your thing Tank!

  41. Anonymous 12 years ago

    I should win because I am a big Tank fan and your music is so hot and sexy.but I would be honor to win the are such a amazing person and a great r&b music vocalist and I know the next cd is going to hot and sexy.hope I win god bless 1 fan crystal

  42. Niheema 12 years ago

    I should win because my boyfriend hates my obsession with Tank and I would love to make him suffer looking at his picture every month for a whole year. LOL

  43. Rochelle 12 years ago

    I should win because Tank is my favorite artist

  44. Adrian 12 years ago

    I would love to win this contest! Just to hear his voice literally makes me melt. This will not only be my 2012 calendar but 2013, 2014, 2015, etc. It’s not coming down! In all seriousness, Tank has actually taught me a lot by pouring his heart out on his albums and to have a daily reminder of my life lessons would be an awesome gift to myself.

  45. Ms. Rucker 12 years ago

    As if listening to the beautiful sound of Tank’s voice isnt rewarding enough, I feel I should win the contest simply because I am a huge Tank fan and a “limited edition” calendar of Tank is something I’ll be sure to cherish!!!

  46. Peaches 12 years ago

    Not only do I love Tank writing skills. I love the way he deliver his songs. I have been a fan since day one and I adore him completely. I would enjoy looking at him everyday on my calendar and hopefully one day in person.

  47. Splendorious 12 years ago

    I need it even if i have to beg on my knees and crawl.
    Every girl needs Tank everyday and every night!

  48. teara 12 years ago

    I Should Win Because I Just Love Tank. He Is The Definition Of R&B. He Is The Kind Of Artist That Will Always Be Around. Might I Add His Singing Is Wonderful. He Is Just Great.

  49. KimB 12 years ago

    I believe I deserve I should win the calendar because I have been a true fan of Tank since the beginning of his career. I truly love his music and his passion for music. He is a very talented artist that not only produces great music, but also remains at a classy level that does not seem to be pressured by the negative change in music today. I love him and I will always be his biggest fan!!!

  50. Juanita Harris 12 years ago

    I deserve to win the calendar because I am a HUGE fan of Tank and have been since he first came out. I feel he is a talented actor and musician. I would love to see him every month of this year!

  51. crystal 12 years ago

    I should win the calendar I am true Tank fan all of the song hot and sexy one of the songs that I like was I Can’t Make You love Me. and Come a little have so much passion in your music it’s amazing.#1fan crystal

  52. Alynde 12 years ago

    Because every time I hear Tank sing or see him he reminds me of someone I love dearly and who is very near to my heart. He helps me still feel connected even though that person is no longer here. And because I’m such a fan of Tank himself, his music, productions, all of it! <3

  53. ShellzYuuup 12 years ago

    I should win because this song is off my FAVORITE Tank CD… the ONLY CD i bought that YEAR lol

  54. Meghan 12 years ago

    I should win because Tank is the reason I am where I am today. He has gotten me through some really tough times. His voice speaks to my soul when no one else can get through. I saw him live in Vegas and cried like a baby when he sang cant make you love me. It was so beautiful. He is so gorgeous and one of my favorite artists. His voice and music is constant in a sea of crap these days singing about sex. He sings about real love and real making love. I love him. Please pick me :)

  55. Jackie. 12 years ago

    Tank’s music has gotten me through the hardest times in my life. When I felt like everyone had abandoned me and I wasn’t worth much, his voice lifted me up, made me feel like someone and that I had every reason to keep fighting on. His calendar would remind me of all the struggles I’ve been through and all the reasons that I should keep on fighting.

  56. TankFanCirca01 12 years ago

    I actually won 1!!!!! Yea Me& Mom

  57. Sergey Suprunchook 12 years ago

    I wanna too a calendar))) Damn, I’m late ((( I’m a big fan of TANK here in LATVIA, RIGA, I’m the one and only HUGE fan of Tank. I don’t have any calendar. I would like to buy this one, but this not for sale. I WANNA A CALENDAR WITH “TANK”, GREAT “R&B” SINGER)))

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