Could it be true? News of the next album to be released from R. Kelly has been floating around since the release of his late 2010 classic Love Letter. Direct from the R&B legends mouth, he announced in early 2011 at least 2 potential new albums were in the works. Kellz mentioned he had so much fun making the 1960’s influenced Love Letter, that he might continue with the retro vibes, but head toward the ’70’s era. “I’m thinking of going back to the Shaft [1971] days next year and just see what it’s like to bring that back to R&B,” he stated.

At the same time he mentioned going back to his classic bedroom bangers, and was already ready with a follow-up to his 90’s R&B classic 12 Play. This project seemed to stick as the crooner stated during a radio interview this past Fall, that his brand new album would be titled Black Panties, with the first single entitled “10 Minutes.” All this talk but not official news. Until now… Music industry website HitsDailyDouble has listed a brand new album from R. Kelly titled “Write Me Back” is expected to be released on March 27!

Could this be the infamous 1970’s follow-up to Love Letter? It sure sounds like it, based off the title. As we await a more official confirmation, Kellz has been staying busy… He released a new song titled “Shut Up,” after his recent throat surgery, to let us know his voice was fine. Announced the “Love Letter” Cruise, and shared that he has 32 new chapters already written, of his infamous hip-hopera “Trapped In The Closet,” and is currently shopping for producers.

Stay tuned….

  1. True Story 12 years ago

    I first thought that the rumours that he was broke were rubbish, now he looks desparate to make money, now I believe that he is having financial problems.

  2. Anonymous 12 years ago

    kells u will always be a legend that wont change

  3. tonyfresh 12 years ago

    Kells you will always be no. one actually the king of R&B as it is hard to keep a good man down you the best man the legend lives halla back nice hit u dropped there ( Share my Love ) keep them coming im behind you 100% cause you are a true legend .

  4. tonyfresh 12 years ago

    R-KELLY , PIED PIPER , MR SHOWBIZ , KELLS , SYLVESTER , ROBERT the list is endless keep rocking just tell them to shut-up . lets keep it real

  5. jalisa 12 years ago

    Robert you surely have it going on, and I pray you keep giving them a dose of HATER-AID love you always you’re number one fan

  6. jalisa 12 years ago

    Please hurry with trapped in the closet im dying to know whats the package

  7. Anonymous 12 years ago

    U the best kelly

  8. Anonymous 12 years ago

    U the best kelly and i love u.

  9. U the king 12 years ago

    U the best kelly and i love u.

  10. Amissichabala 12 years ago

    My dream is 2be a good musicien like u. pls halpme,my numb:0785046025 in south africa.

  11. Hendrik Eksteen 12 years ago

    I’m staying in South Africa. When is the release really of this album.

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