Last year (wow it feels weird saying that now) was an exciting … and interesting time for R&B. We had some of the most progressive releases and new artists in so long, but we also had some Great soul albums. The discussion of what is and what isn’t R&B, and what is allowed to be labeled such lasted the entire year; and might continue on thru 2012. However, the next 12 months are looking to be swamped with brand new albums from many of your favorite R&B stars, and a slew of anticipated burgeoning artists debuts.

We have compiled a list in poll form of many of these artists and their upcoming albums. Take a look after the break and let us know what YOU are excited to hear!! You may vote for as many as you like.

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  1. Victor 12 years ago

    I can’t wait for a new R&B movement!!! I am especially looking forward to the new Brandy album because it has been almost 4 years since Human came out and I’m ready to embrace her new, progressive and edgy brand of R&B music.

    Thank you I’ve been on your site for a long time now and i really enjoy everything you post! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. ThisisRnB 12 years ago

    Thanks for the support!

  3. Glenda Carr 12 years ago

    I’m a BIG Fan/SUpporter of R. Kelly, so I’m so Stoked to get my hands on the NEW BLACKPANTIES ALBUM #2012

  4. R. Kelly News 12 years ago

    I can’t wait for Black Panties to drop!

  5. LaVel Powell 12 years ago

    Usher usher usher the king hes last in line james brown mj usher ! That simple
    He will sell the most out of all theses rnb artists ! thx thisis rnb buts whats the name for ushers ? …….. just waiting for a releast date !

  6. TranquilityIzMe 12 years ago

    Alicia Keys all the way.
    Of course Ashanti, Keyshia and Monica too!

  7. Romelle 12 years ago

    I couldn’t choose just a few, I’ll be happy to hear everyone on this list. I guess I’m super excited to hear what Brandy, SWV, D’Angelo and Mariah Carey have, because it’s been a while for them. Rkelly and Bobby V’s albums never really fail, Chris Brown’s album should live up to the hype too.
    R&B music has gotten way better over the last couple years. This year will probably be on another level, cause all of these artists all are on their game.

  8. Beyoncca 12 years ago

    I love Brandy! The Best singer/songwriter by far. Way before her time. Such a stylish woman. Brandy’s a great actress and has come a long way since her Moesha days. She’s really learned to master the craft of acting. I wish her the best and intend on supporting anything she does.

  9. Rayne 12 years ago watch this chris brown cover. This 19 year old is definitely gonna get somewhere this year

  10. Divo 12 years ago

    This will be Brandy’s year, I feel like the hype and everything else is aligning for her. And of course I love Mariah, Lambs go hard! lol P.S. Love Monica and Keyshia too, but amped about Brandy and Mariah! Love Alicia too, though her last album was too over-produced. Please don’t work with Swizz again.

  11. Anonymous 12 years ago

    latif needs to be put on this list

  12. Felicia 12 years ago

    This is a great list of artists to choose from that it’s really tough to narrow down. I’m looking forward to SWV’s comeback album. Also, Bobby V., R.Kelly, Chris Brown, Maxwell, Ciara, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz, The Dream, & The Weeknd. As for up-and-coming artists I’m looking forward to hearing Elle Varner’s debut album. I recently listened to her current mixtape Conversational Lush, and I love it. Also looking forward to music from Hamilton Park.

  13. thedtrickz 12 years ago

    Wow!! Just discovered you today. Simply AWESOME!

  14. Ms. M 12 years ago

    Looking forward to R. Kelly (both Black Panties and Write Me Back),
    Trey Songz (if he’s capable of maintaining a real R&B sound),
    D’Angelo (after his amazing concert in Paris!)
    Mario (because he’s so underrated)
    Brandy (in the hopes of some R&B sound, nothing pop!)
    Maxwell (will the trilogy ever be completed???)

    Luke James, amazing voice.
    CJ Hilton and his soulful vibe.
    Not impressed by Elle Varner so far…

  15. V.I.C. 12 years ago

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  16. HeYhEy 12 years ago

    bei maejor, mateo, k. michelle cnt wait for those to drop

  17. xray 12 years ago

    usher will sell the most hands down

  18. Iris 12 years ago

    I am looking forward to Trey Songz’s album. I love everything he does and has all his albums and mixtapes. But i am also looking forward to Monica and Mariah Carey. Ill get Chris Brown album as well. R. Kelly too he is always a treat to listen to.

  19. jag fuller 12 years ago

    i can’t wait for chris brown<fortune

  20. Bianca 12 years ago

    I can’t wait for Melanie Fiona’s album the ANTICIPATION is bugging me.

  21. mario 12 years ago

    mario is the king of rnb /soul

  22. Anonymous 12 years ago

    when come`s the new mario album at the stores ???

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