Just when you weren’t expecting it, Ameriie returns with a brand new song off her upcoming mini-LP The Prelude. The sexy chanteuse takes it back to familiar territory on the first offering “Every Time,” produced by Focus. The mid-tempo R&B cut will remind listeners of her 2002 debut All I Have, as a lovestruck Ameriie sings about missing her man.

“Every time I close my eyes, every time I close my eyes all I see is you/ Every time I hear your name, every time that my phone ring, I’m missin’ you,” coos Ameriie, who wed her manager Lennie Nicholson last year.

More details on The Prelude will be announced soon, but until then, listen to her new song below…

shout to Rap-Up

  1. V.I.C. 12 years ago

    I love it. I know Amerie’s core fans will be happy. When she said she was doing “new wave with electro” and with a first single called “firestarter” I was scared for her… But I’m glad she went were her fans want to see her. I think as long as she does the R&B, hip-hop and some GoGo that we know her for then she will be received with open arms!

  2. ayepatriick 12 years ago

    I’m feeling this, her voice sounds so pure and effortless. But i would like to see her expierment on that new sound she’s been talking about.

  3. Wifi 12 years ago

    She is releasing CYMATIKA album with that different sound (acid trance, house, pop, electro). But this LP is just for the hardcore Amerie fans.. just to please them and it will be a fusion between rnb, soul and hiphop.

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