Brandy is setting her gears in motion to begin the process of promotion for her eagerly-awaited comeback album Two Eleven. The sixth studio album from 33-year old singer/actor is scheduled to be released this coming June, along no first single has been announced yet. In a brand new interview with YRB magazine Brandy opened up about the inspiration behind the album title, which stands for her birth day and the day she lost her mentor, icon Whitney Houston. She also shows off a new image in the photoshoot.

See more photos and read what Brandy had to say about the LP title and music direction below…

On the album title:
“Some of the titles I was working with were Rebirth, Reincarnation, Reinvention, Resurrection… I just felt like Two Eleven describes all of that. It’s the day I was born, and each year, I evolve and change with time,” she says. “It also has a whole new meaning to it because I gained my angel. My icon is my angel now. It’s all tied in there and I just think it best represents who I am and the responsibilities I have moving on.”

On the album sound and direction:
Shying away from the smooth piano-infused sound of Human, Brandy roughs up her sound on Two Eleven, maintaining the powerful productions of previous records but mashing in genres outside of her comfort zone. “It’s definitely R&B, but it has the crossover appeal. It’s grittier, it’s edgier, it’s just different type of R&B. It’s not your regular smooth, soft with the beat type music,” she describes. “It’s just taking risks and hearing how I sound over different types of music, and I wanted an album that different people can listen to. Not just R&B, but pop and hip-hop. I wanted everyone to have something that they can listen to on this album.”

On working with Frank Ocean again:
For “Scared of Beautiful,” Ocean lends his writing chops for a deeper cut about a woman coming to terms with her beauty. “His music speaks volumes, and I was able to experience that before everyone else knew,” she says. “I always knew he was really special and I just wanted to see how we could vibe, what we could come up with together in the studio this time around. He’s just a genius. I think his songs have so much substance and so much depth, and you need that on an album as well.”

Read the full interview here.

  1. V.I.C. 6 years ago

    wow! all i gotta say! she is def takin risks. i can’t wait for her new album, new single (WITH A RAPPER) and her new image! 2/11!!!!

  2. S* 6 years ago

    Brandy is very dark. WHy did they make her so light skin?
    ( And no Im not a black girl hating.)

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