News: Tyrese Officially Announces TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank) Recording Album


Tank mentioned it in this video, and now star member Tyrese Gibson has officially announced the reunion of TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank)! The singer-actor shared the news and request for tracks via Twitter a few hours ago.

BREAKING:… It’s not a rumor:. _TgT_ is in the studio this WHOLE WEEK to start our new album as a group! @Tyrese @Ginuwine & @TheRealTank,” tweeted the “Stay” singer.

They are looking to fill a major void in R&B today with a lack of male group’s, and specifically pick up where Jodeci left off, “_TgT_ will pick up where #Jodeci left off … We got it from here … #ShirtsOffTour coming soon… @Ginuwine @Tyrese @TheRealTank #Pow!!,” he continued…

New producers:… Here’s ur shot..! We’re looking for hot new joints! That power R&B group #2012Jodeci type shit..!

@Ginuwine @TheRealTank have a safe flight fellas… We’re about to form a #R&BAVENGERS … ¥>TgT

Ginuwine has spoken out as well now, tweeting … “To LA ✈ Where the hits will be generated carefully chosen history with @Tyrese @ginuwine @TheRealTank R&B WorldMovement!!!

This is exciting news, the trio’s fans have been holding their breath for a reunion and official album since it was announced in 2008 they would not be able to release an album due to label politics … We will continue to wait and see where this leads.  But, now that Tyrese has his own indie label imprint, it might be more possible to see a release in the near future…

What do you think?

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  1. Danami 10 years ago

    Oh yes, I’ve been waiting (somewhat) for this. ; )

  2. V.I.C. 10 years ago

    I know they’re all talented in their own right but I have to see what all three of them can do together. Tank is an amazing singer, songwriter and producer. Tyrese is an amazing vocalist and performer. Ginuwine… he’s the most entertaining when he dances and sings simultaneously. I don’t know what will happen with the dancing part though… (see: scoliosis). We’ll see…gotta hear more original songs from them.

  3. TK 10 years ago

    FINALLY!! I’ve been waiting for this album every since TGT came out with the remix of “Please Don’t Go” in 07!!

  4. annacletus 9 years ago

    can wait to hear out what the three may sing ? but i know u,ll hear the RnB that we used to listern back the day of 1997 up till 2002. but never u forget to also think of my fevorite artist JAGGED EDGE, JE yaill

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