New Music: Lonny Bereal feat. Tank & Kevin McCall – I Love It


Singer-Songwriter Lonny Bereal returns with a hot new collaboration with friend and fellow collaborator Tank, and CBE artist Kevin McCall. The steamy ballad features the R&B hitmakers cooing their admiration for a very special female, who attracted their full attention. Take a listen to the new jam now, and download below.

DL: Lonny Bereal feat. Tank & Kevin McCall – I Love It

  1. Joe E 12 years ago

    Good track, but this version not as tight as the one floating around by Tank on his own. I can’t understand why this and a few others like ‘I Can’t Wait’ and ‘Superstar’ haven’t been released as singles by Tank.

  2. Steve F 12 years ago

    Tank’s original version is still the best but I am glad he is still getting his old songs out through up and coming artists. Thing is, most Tank fans know when a song sounds like a Tank track!!!!!

  3. Tank Aint Nobody 12 years ago

    BOO Tank, Mutha Fuckin BOOOOOO

  4. Music Fan 12 years ago

    Yea…the first thing I thought when I heard it was that Tank’s version is waaaaaaaaay better. I just don’t think it sounds best with Lonny and when you’re an artist I think you should really only sing songs that sound best when only you sing them.

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