New Music: Ro James – Pledge Allegiance (World Premiere)


The time is now — We are proud to bring you the world premiere of the brand new single from emerging artist Ronnie “Ro” James — “Pledge Allegiance.” The NYC based singer/songwriter is poised to make a major impact this summer with the release of his debut project Coke, Jack & Cadillacs, and this is your first official introduction!

“‘Pledge Allegiance’, the debut single from Ronnie James’ “Coke, Jack and Cadillacs” EP is a promise to his woman, but more importantly, a promise to his fans. With the legendary Kwame providing a rich R&B sound on production, co-written with Jessyca Wilson, Jourdanne and Rocki Evans, James shows why the industry has been buzzing about him for months. Ro is a real artist with a real voice and a real message.”

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think?

  1. Kelly45Love 9 years ago

    Wow! this is amazing. I’m in luv!!!!!!!

  2. mastic beauty 9 years ago

    who is this guy? and why haven’t i heard of him before!

  3. linda quan 9 years ago

    WHAT THE SHIT ! I cant tell you the last time i felt this good about a song . Feels 90’s , and his voice is demanding and passionate amazinggggggg song . Will be a sad thing if Labels try and change him . I hope hes cute . If he is , the game is changed .

  4. z 9 years ago

    love it heavy rotation summer song

  5. beautiful rebels 9 years ago

    Miguel baby brother is very talented seems music runs deep his family

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