Teaser: R&B Divas Reality Show


The new drama-free reality show “R&B Divas” will be hitting your home screens this coming August on TV One. The series tells the current, real-life story of five multi-talented female R&B stars who once were in the spotlight, but have since seen it dim. The show will offer a personal glimpse into the private worlds of Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert (of Brownstone), Monifah, Syleena Johnson & Keke Wyatt, as they lean on each other and offer candid revelations about their efforts to deal with major life transitions and challenges such as divorce, parenting issues, drugs, alcohol, physical abuse and more.

Check out the official teaser for the show below and get ready to set your DVR’s.

  1. Rasan8250 11 years ago

    No honestly, they could have left Nicci Gilbert and Monifah off. Plus I thought Kelly Price & Faith Evans was gonna be part of this?!?!?! I mean Kelly is still in peoples eye an Tweet got a project coming up. Monifah and Nicci been washed since before the 90’s ended. (Not to totally knock them cause when they were hitting they were hitting). Kelly & Tweet are much more current and probable more interesting!!!! Re-cast please. By the way not a hater, I just don’t like that they cast these two when there are a few others the should have been given the opportunity!!!!

  2. Rasan8250 11 years ago

    Sorry I ment Tweet instead of Faith. My bad.

  3. That Bitch 11 years ago

    At @Rasan8250 please keep negative comments off of here. Since when you become a expert . Hmm let me check never and not only that but Nicci and Faith are the Ep’s of the shows so they can cast be in or do whatever they want. Don’t watch with your watched up smart ass attitude … These women are bringing real tv back and don’t need dumb bitches like you bringing them down check your self… But it a free freedom of speech but this could be your cousin your sister or aunt you wouldnt want us to talk about you.. Lets keep it cute or not say anything at all thanks that is all These women rock and they bringing real tv back

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