New Music: Telephoned – U Dont Have To Call (Cover-Ups)


Telephoned was born one night in Brooklyn when DJ/producer Sammy Bananas and singer/party starter Maggie Horn decided to record their own version of T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It.” Their track was neither remix nor cover – instead, the duo fashioned a postmodern take on both, warping the original beat into a hypnotic club track and bringing out the dreamy qualities only hinted at in Pain’s auto-tuned melodies. Sammy and Maggie’s fresh “Can’t Believe It” quickly became a DJ favorite – even making it into mix rotation on LA hip-hop station Power 106! – so they decided to keep recording as a team, cleverly named after the kids game of Telephone: no faithful copies, just a party line of unexpected twists.

The duo are back with more ‘cover-ups’ for y’all, this time taking some of their favorite early 2000s R&B jams and “telephoning” them over Clams Casino instrumentals. This is pure hot Summer evening material. Take a listen below…

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  1. Wifi 11 years ago

    Love this , so dope!

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