R. Kelly Gives The Pros & Cons of “Feelin’ Single”


R. Kelly released his 11th album Write Me Back last week, it has hit the charts at #5, moving around 70k in the first week (that is way too low people, it’s a great album and you need to support). While he hasn’t done much promo, and might currently still be recovering from an unexpected medical issue, the R&B King did speak with the Russ Parr Morning Show on his current single, “Feelin’ Single,” and the pros and cons of actually being single… Now, Kellz is notoriously private with his personal life and relationships, as you might be familiar with if you have caught any episodes of the current VH1 reality show ‘Hollywood Exes,’ which features his ex-wife as one of the cast members. See what he had to say below…

“‘Feelin’ Single’ is about a good feelin’,” Kellz explained in the interview. “It’s not so bad to feel single. Single has its up points. You get to go out, you get to mingle. You ain’t gotta worry about callin’ or checkin’ in with no goddamn body. You can take as many drinks as you want with your friends. you can do certain things when you’re single. Now the downfall is, who you gonna go with here or there and who you are gonna tell your personal business too, who are you going to be able to cuddle up with sometimes and trust em, so it has it’s ups and downs.”

Click here to see the interview in full, and find out why Kellz recently broke up with his girl and penned “Feelin’ Single.”

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