Drake To Debut New Song feat. Aaliyah at ‘OVO Fest’; Will Executive Produce Posthumous Album


Drake’s love and admiration for Aaliyah is quite evident, in fact it’s boarding on stalker status, but it seems his original hopes and desire to work with the late legend is coming true…slightly…

HipHopDX are reporting that Drizzy will be debuting a brand new single featuring his favorite singer this Sunday, August 5 at the OVO Festival in Toronto.

HHDX are also saying that Drake has been selected to be the Executive Producer of Aaliyah’s rumored and mysterious forthcoming posthumous album.

Details surrounding the album are scarce, but in March, producer Jeffrey “J. Dub” Walker said that an unreleased song titled “Steady Ground” will appear on the project. Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, later said that no such album was in the works.

In late March, Drake hinted to Tim Westwood that he had some “special things” related to Aaliyah in motion. “I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon,” he said.

What do you think??

  1. Rasan8250 9 years ago

    You know it is what it is but this seems kinda just political. I don’t think I will like this if Timbaland and Missy are not involved. I mean Statiic is not here anymore so…. Missy & Timbaland should be part of this project. Not Just no damn Drake!!!!

  2. tank Aint Nobody 9 years ago

    He’s going to ruin it. I don’t want Aaliyah’s legacy to be tainted by a dude who: 1. Can’t Sing 2. Is associated with the coonery that is YMCMB 3. Can’t sing.

  3. Codine 9 years ago

    He would do this project justice. Tim has seriously fallen off since those days, and Missy hsn’t put up anything forward thinking in a while. I’m all for Drake’s camp taking the reigns. His albums sound nothing like YMCMB, as long as 40 is a part of it this will be great. Anything Aaliyah touched was gold, this will be the same!

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