Emerging Artist: Singer/Songwriter Tommy Parker


In need of a sound that is a blast from the past? Enter singer/songwriter/producer Tommy Parker. An L.A. native, who has been working behind the scenes in the industry for some years now, and quietly starting to build a name for himself. Working with Darkchild Entertainment, Tommy has landed placements with Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland and most recently Justin Bieber for his single “Die In Your Arms.” A partner and official member of Austin Brown’s crew ‘The Backpack Kids,’ Tommy is crafting some incredible throwback inspired tunes. Bringing pure ’80s back to our ears.

Take a listen to three of his recent cuts below…

What do you think??

  1. G 12 years ago

    Love it, such an cool and retro sound

  2. Quinton 12 years ago

    I respect this dude… Bring back that pure 80s sound

  3. Tre' 11 years ago

    if that ain’t a breath of fresh air, i don’t know what is. certified.

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