News: Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Loses Custody Battle


TMZ is reporting…

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond just lost in the former couple’s bitter custody battle — TMZ has learned, a judge has awarded Usher primary custody of their two sons.

It’s a shocking development — considering both sides were trying to strip each other of custody. Tameka felt the singer was an absentee father who was too absorbed in his career to be a good dad. She also accused him of using drugs in front of the kids.

Usher argued Tameka was inattentive and irresponsible.

The ruling marks the end of an emotional custody trial — involving wild accusations and name-calling … Usher even broke down at one point on the witness stand.

But today, we’re told a judge sided with the singer — awarding Usher primary custody of the ex-couple’s two sons, which means the children will be spending the majority of the time with their father.

Tameka still retains some custodial rights — but the extent to which Tameka will be able to see her kids is unclear.

  1. Crystal 12 years ago

    Wow, that is f*cked up! Why would this happen? I believe Usher and the darkside had something to do with this. Open your eyes people the ILLUMINATI and the very dark and disgusting side of the music world is REAL.

  2. BlameGame 12 years ago

    Urghhh @Crystal open an ALLUMIN-um folding chair and #haveAseaT-I.

    Anyway, if they were trying to paint the children’s mother as “inattentive and irresponsible”, the unfortunate accident with her older child may have swayed the judge to come to that very conclusion. Very possible.

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