Exclusive: New Music: Sammie – Insomnia (Mixtape)


Sammie has had many restless nights on his journey from child stardom to a R&B Prince in search of the industries many thrones. With a new-found style, drive for success, and vocal talent, the re-emerging singer-songwriter is ready for you to re-discover him. We are proud to bring you Sammie’s official return with the release of his brand new, free project, “Insomnia.”

The 16-track offering is Sammie’s most intimate and honest work to date, with heart-felt ballads and soul-pouring illustrations of his nightly insomnia. With a more mature fashion-based expression and truthful approach in his music, the crooner is preparing to add his name to the R&B Hall of Fame.

“This project is the deepest countenance of myself,” said Sammie. “I’ve learned that when I’m being true to my core, which is R&B, I’m most inspired, creative and vocally ambitious. It’s time for me to shine and I plan to reach new fans and please my dedicated ones with this project.”

Both musically and personally, Sammie has transitioned into a confident musician with his eye on one thing only – winning! With the man behind Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, in the executive producer seat, Sammie feels confident this project is a work of art.

“My fans have been supportive throughout my career and I’m giving them a piece of me through my music,” said Sammie. “Without fans I’d be nowhere and I’m thankful to be in a position to show my appreciation.”

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Sammie – Insomnia (Mixtape)

Hear Sammie talk about the new “Insomnia” mixtape, R&B music today, his past career and more with Kempire Radio…

  1. Terilisha 12 years ago

    As a long time supporter/fan of Sammie’s I knew this was going to be a great mixtape… I expected NOTHING less… This man has taken his time to create and give us something we can sing to, dance to, vibe to, ride to, cry to, make love to…

    This is truly GREAT work! 16 songs of pure R&B!!! I love it!!! :-) I can’t wait for the album!!!!

    Love You Sammie!

  2. Mels 12 years ago

    This is a great mixtape, just waiting on Mario now.

  3. V.I.C. 12 years ago

    Such an amazing interview and I can’t wait to listen to the mixtape!!! It is great to have you back Sammie! Keep doing you! It will be a long fight but R&B will come back! Artists like yourself have to take responsibility and stay true to who they are!

    I hope everyone will have #INSOMNIA after hearing your mixtape, EP & LP!!!

  4. bria 12 years ago

    Wow! magnificent mix-tape sammie!! love every song!!! Can’t wait in till the album.

  5. _Nikki_Brich 11 years ago

    lovely interview mrleighbush

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