New Music: Brandy – “Scared of Beautiful” (Written by Frank Ocean)


The wait is almost over as Brandy‘s forthcoming much-anticipated album Two Eleven hits stores this coming Tuesday, October 16. The R&B diva has been very vocal about her confidence and love of this album, as she recently told fans “I believe in Two Eleven and I just want to say with every fiber of my being, you are in for a treat when you get this album.”

One of the most anticipated tracks off the project is the Frank Ocean penned “Scared of Beautiful.” A track which Ocean had previously written, but Brandy really connected with. She recently told Rap-Up TV, “He’s just a genius. The song that he wrote, it just speaks to the fear of being the best version of you, the best part of yourself.”

So, as our last preview of the album before it hits stores next week, take a listen to Brandy’s “Scared of Beautiful,” and you can also hear Frank’s version below… We like it… What do you think??

Brandy – Scared of Beautiful (Prod. by Warryn Campbell)

Frank Ocean – Scared of Beautiful (Prod. by Midi Mafia)

In related news, Brandy shot the music video for her second single “Wildest Dreams” yesterday, she shared some pics for her starz, see them below…

  1. V.I.C. 7 years ago

    so in love with my girl bran-bran.

  2. RCW 7 years ago

    No thanks! Just realized she hasn’t had a number 1 hit in 10 years and put it down ain’t good enough

  3. Fil 7 years ago

    I prefer Ocean’s Version 🙂 Sorry brandy !

  4. Natty 7 years ago

    Big shoes to fill even for Brandy. Original is way better!!! Go Frank!!

  5. NE-YO*STAN 7 years ago

    Midi Mafia and Frank Ocean… I don’t know why they continue to shop these demos around, because very few artists can sing them better. Last time a singer outdid Frank was John Legend (and Brandy, actually), in 2008, on “Quickly”.

  6. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Brandy Vocally Is Murdering the track. but the Frank Ocean Track is waay more Radio friendly. it hits harder. thats the difference. dont say Brandy dnt go as Hard as Frank thats a DamN LIE!

  7. Rara 7 years ago

    I like both versions but Brandy be killing em with those runs. I love Brandy’s version!!

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