New Music: CHESS – “What Makes You Beautiful”


Up and coming artist Chester Gregory, now going by CHESS, has released a song and visual in support of National Bullying Prevention Month. A stripped down, alternative vibe to One Direction’s massive hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”

In support of National Bullying Prevention Month and in response to the tragic loss of Amanda Todd, we felt it appropriate to release this short film & cover of WMYB, which was shot prior to the incident. One Direction’s hit song What Makes You Beautiful is an uplifting song, encouraging one to let go of insecurities and realize their fullest potential by first recognizing the beauty & strength within.

Take a listen below…

We live in a society where being yourself is not always encouraged. Well, we wanted to do something about that. We felt that for National Bullying Prevention month One Direction’s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful,” was a perfect platform for us to promote our message of self-love. The words to that song are incredibly uplifting and penetrating – we just provided a visual to support the weight and beauty of that song. – Shaun Derik, Director

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