ThisisRnB Presents: Introduction – Austin Brown


Every star has a beginning, this is the introduction of Austin Brown.

ThisisRnB TV hung out with emerging artist Austin Brown during a recent trip to NYC. The multi-talented up and comer, for those that don’t know, is the youngest child of Rebbie Jackson, currently co-managed by Jermaine Dupri, has been hard at work on his debut album Highway 85, and producing a unique balance between the real music of the past and progressive, spirited pop.

In this piece, Austin describes the art he is creating, and what to expect from his debut, he talks about his team and crew The Backpack Kids, moment of success, and addresses the possible pressure that comes from being a Jackson.

Austin’s debut album Highway 85 is coming soon, the lead single “Menage A Trois” is on iTunes now. Check out the clip above, and stay tuned for Part 2.

  1. Kay 6 years ago

    He is so unique. We love that your family has a legacy of good music and you are free to bring us even more, while doing it your own way. Keep dancing and creating. Auggie you just don’t know the images and nostalgia your music creates in our minds. I hope to hear you do some Funk like Bootsie in your music. That would be so fitting to your style.
    SWV reference is so touching cuz I love Human Nature and SWV’s song and all their music. They need to make a come back. I heard them on Black Girls Rock. I look for you everywhere. I cannot wait til you break out and we can see more of you. Patiently waiting for ur whole Album before I purchase your music. Auggie is so knowledgeably about music like you have to study Auggie which makes his sound so much more interesting.

  2. Lauren Renee 6 years ago

    WOW!! This is def one of best interviews i’ve seen Austin do! Can’t wait to see what Austin has in store for his fans! Backpackkids4Life!!

  3. Jeremy Horn 6 years ago

    All I can say is pure amazement. Every time I see Austin do an interview, he is very articulate with his words and how he describes on creating music. I have followed his career when he graduated out of high school in 2004, and got signed to Midas Records. In 2005, when he got signed to Interscope Records, and had a few bumps on the road, I am amazed on how driven and determined Austin is, and not letting rejections or setbacks hold him back. He is my true inspiration and I’m looking forward to his long anticipated debut album, ‘Highway 85.’

  4. Megan Christina 6 years ago

    As you watch this interview, you learn to appreciate the young generation of musicians we have today.
    It takes a special person with not only an impeccable hunger for musical knowledge, but a raw talent to
    sit and break down the variables of different musical genres that makes up their own sound. If one knows
    Anything about music (or at least studied it) you can understand how you can fall in love with the music before the actual artist themselves. Austin possess a unique sound my generation rarely sees. Maybe it’s his family legacy, maybe it’s because he eats and sleeps music.’s interesting to watch and fun to share his talents with others. Best wishes..

  5. Lelisa 6 years ago

    Who judge this person, doesn’t know what ART IS, because in how he speaks, we all can notice the love & passion he has for music!! Love u Austin & continue on ur dreams & PASSION!!

  6. Babykayj 6 years ago

    I love this interview!! austin is a music lover and it’s easy to understand it ..people can really feel it through his music , he is a great talent and he’s very smart I’m sure people who don’t like him today will love him tomorrow because he’s an amazing artist with a pure spirit so austin do what you love to do no matter what! Good music is good music are right and your music is so good .that’s why I’m a your fan !

  7. EarlyMan 6 years ago

    You guys put me on a great artist

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