Ryan Leslie Responds to $1MM Verdict at LIU Concert


Ryan Leslie took a moment while he was stage to perform at a LIU (Long Island University in Brookln) concert, to respond and explain the recent federal court verdict that he is responsible to pay the $1 Million reward he offered for the return of his laptop and hard drive back in 2010. The man that claims he found Ryan’s belongings while walking his dog in a park filed suit when Ryan refused to pay. According to R-Les the reward was for the return of the music and recording sessions that were on the hard drive, but it was broken and he couldn’t access the files. Read the story here, if you haven’t heard all about it yet, and watch the clip above as he explains the situation, and then decides to burn the front page of the New York Post which featured him under the title “Rap Weasel.”

  1. jason 10 years ago

    He’s being an idiot. He said he offers 1 million dollars for the return of his LAPTOP. He didn’t mentioned any other conditions. No one forced him to do that. I lost all the respect I had for him.

  2. Wifi 10 years ago

    LOL poor guy, he is very talented. He will return his money pretty soon! ;)

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